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    I actually liked it better than the first one. Far more amusing. But then, I only found the first one to be okay. I didn't love it the way most other people did. My only big regret about this new movie is the death of Rooker's character. I think that was a big mistake. He would have been great when the Guardians face off against the Avengers. That misstep is as big as killing off Quicksilver. But beyond that, entertaining movie.

It is complex.

His death is necessary to the logic of the movie.

His sacrifice is the climax of the movie and it helps Peter Quill's character grow mature. It is how Quill becomes an adult, the "captain of the crew" and, thus, leader of the GotG family. It is also why Gamora starts to have different feelings for him.

At the same time, Yondu's one of the enjoyable characters of the series and it is sad that his character won't appear alive in GotG V3.

I suppose that's also why Stallone makes a cameo as Stakar/Starhawk in the movie. It provides another potential mentor who could appear in the next movie.

There was the same problem with Abraham Whistler in the Blade movies.
His death was the necessary sacrifice which motivated Blade to attack Deacon Frost, his "vampire father" and his biological mother in the first movie.
But the character was so popular that he unexpectedly came back in the second movie.

I suppose that Yondu will appear in flashbacks in GotG V3.

He'll be back. He's Quill's father figure and he dies saving Quill. Despite what Ego says, Quill is still a celestial being and his ability to wield an Infinity Stone without dying remains. Thus, Quill will yield the Infinity Gauntlet at the climax of the Infinity War story and use it to bring his father figure back.