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Subj: Re: Is anyone else excited and skeptical of Captain Marvel Generations?
Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 at 09:12:40 pm CDT (Viewed 335 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Is anyone else excited and skeptical of Captain Marvel Generations?
Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 at 03:19:21 pm CDT (Viewed 367 times)

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Im 44 but had an older brother and cousins comics around the house from since I could walk.

Its interesting that is the green and white years you like. Im a Starlin guy.

Speaking of Ms. Marvel I'm looking forward to finally meeting Gerry Conway at a convention next month in Tampa and getting Ms. Marvel #1 signed.

I am and have been perhaps the most vocal on these boards about how I feel that Marvel is too gutless to bring Marv back due to how he died.

Granted that dying in bed of a disease is a bit tricky to reverse but far from impossible, but it must be an organic part of a story rather then Deus Ex Machina.

Also there WERE ways they could have saved him in DoCM but the story was written to kill him.

As to Marv being a spy on earth, I did like those stories but the artwork at times.....yikes!

His being merged with Rick was a tribute to Shazam and that was fine but I was glad in issue #50 when Marv finally got to separate himself from Rick.

The blue/red suit was an improvement over the green and white but I did like the Green and white suit, don't get me wrong. However the change in suit did start to make Marv look more heroic. Then Starlin revamps him and got rid of the white hair, which while decent looking frankly belongs on either Magneto or Quicksilver. Switching him to blonde was another good move.

Post- Starlin stories did struggle a bit until they started delving into the symbiotic link with him and Rick and how they expanded their powers and dealt with the Supreme Intelligence's schemes. The series started to struggle a bit again until Marv had to team with a homicidal Drax to shut down the legacy of Thanos.

Then Marv dies soon after.

Then comes the problems of making a replacement.

Monica Rambeau wasn't a bad replacement but was a bit too overamped. Powering her down for awhile was a good idea.

Genis: the SON of Mar-Vell. Doing good until editorial stupidity ended him.

Phyla: never liked her. Laughed when she first appeared calling herself Captain Marvel and Thanos sarcastically said "SURE you are!" Say what you want about Thanos but he DOES respect Mar-Vell.

Carol Danvers: perhaps the most logical replacement considering she got her powers due to that last fight with Yon Rogg and Mar-Vell. Her costume is okay but the statements that she looks kind of butch I cannot argue against.

However given that we are looking at what appears to be a "factory reset" of the MU, if Marv indeed FINALLY returns (doubt it), I wouldn't object to Carol going back to her original costume as it was patterned after Marv's. Also those two have long had feelings for each other, and that could create some interesting tension given that last I heard his lover Elysius was still alive.

Also as an interesting story point to explore: how would the universe react to the return of Captain Mar-Vell? This is a character that literally did die and has seen the hereafter. Would he be seen as a messiah or a monster?

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