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Subj: Re: Stan Lee considers Silver Surfer to be his most underrated creation.
Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 at 06:55:48 pm EDT (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Stan Lee considers Silver Surfer to be his most underrated creation.
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    "I think the Silver Surfer has been underrated. I think he's a great character, and the thing I like about him, I was always able to get in a lot of bits of philosophy that he would utter. They don't use him as much as I wish they would. He's one of my favorite characters."

I agree with that, but I do think we have seen that he is hard to do well. He has had ups and downs and many writers are not totally sure what to do with him. Starlin being one of the worst in many respects.

I enjoy the new series but it is a bit too comedic at times for me. That said, it is easy for a Silver Surfer story to become too gloomy too. Just think he is one of those that is hard for people to do very well with in terms of story.

That said, I would love if he showed up more. I tend to enjoy when he is more alien and aloof but that is a bit hard to do with a character in an ongoing. It would be kind of cool to see him with Life Bringer Galactus doing or trying to do good in the universe though.

I never had any problems with Stalin's run (I especially enjoyed the Graphic Novel he did).

I did think that Ron Marz had points were the Surfer seemed too generic, and I'm no fan of George Perez run... and sure as shootin' not Slott's. Though I do give both props for trying something different.

But yes, he is a tough character to really nail down. His stoic and thoughtful nature can to often be shown as depressed, and his compassion as being naive or as weakness.