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Subj: Re: I'm out NO Warlock in A4 comfirm
Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 at 12:35:01 pm EDT (Viewed 445 times)
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Well Vision already blew up his spot. Artificial man with an infinity stone.

Someone screwed up in Avengers #2 making Adam and Vision too similar. And the tease we got of Adam's cocoon in GotG was supposedly just a sight gag never meant to imply Adam was going to join the MCU verse.

So they've screwed up twice. That said...I have zero interest in ever seeing Adam in the MCU. Infinity Gauntlet was good but Adam's been awful ever since IMO. Infinity War/Crusade and all the Infinity events after were awful.

Basically the plot of these Infinity events usually follows a simple formula:

1. Adam is special to the universe blah blah blah
2. Thanos is super smart and better than everyone blah blah blah
3. one of the two of them has messed up causing the cosmic ascendancy of a third party
4. Every other hero and villain stands around being useless to the plot.
5. Adam and Thanos team up and resolve the plot.

Rinse and repeat.

I personally would love to see Adam Warlock in the MCU.

But your analysis of infinity plots is spot on.

Well done.