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Subj: Re: Starlin INterview about his final THANOS trilogy
Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2017 at 07:42:20 am EST (Viewed 617 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Starlin INterview about his final THANOS trilogy
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Yes DoCM was a good story and it did do a good job of conveying the sense of pain, dread and inevitability one faces when suffering a terminal illness.

However I still believe that in allowing Starlin to write that story, that Marvel boxed themselves into a corner in terms of bringing him back.

Characters who perish from bullets, bombs, lasers, teleport errors, time warps, etc. get to come back. Dying from a terminal disease is a little tricky to reverse.

It would take the following to bring Marv back:

1. Cosmic Cube, it can warp reality and a cube was used to revive TORO, the Android Torch's sidekick from the dead for the big 70th anniversary of the golden age characters. if it can take a long forgotten character like him back to life, it can revive Mar-Vell.

2. Reality Gem : it did it before and can do it again.

3. Time Gem: could be used to slightly warp time so Marv is never exposed to the gas or else temporally diverge his timeline like Immortus did with the Torch so that there were TWO Torches and one is rebuilt into the Vision.

4. Infinity Gauntlet

5. Eternity/Infinity

6. Death herself. She is the one that restored Thanos to life in the 90's for a mission to wipe out half the cosmos to restore balance to the universe. She could have a reason for bringing Marv back, perhaps to shut down Thanos again?

7. The Phoenix force it did it in the Avengers vs Xmen story and could do it again.

The problem as stated before when Thanos used the Reality Gem and when the Phoenix brought Marv back is that he currently does NOT want to come back. He chooses to remain dead thus his spirit is considered at peace for the most part and is not seeking to come back.

Marv CHOSE to become the Protector of the Universe after EON showed him the error of his ways.

Marv CHOSE to accept the kiss of death after Thanos' spirit came to him in his final moments and lectured him about Death.

Marv has chosen to remain dead. So whatever story revives him must have him change his mind first.

There are stories to be told of a revived Marv.

How would the people of Earth react? Will they see him as a messiah? A monster? an abomination in the eyes of the Almighty? When Captain Skrull-Vell was around we saw a cult of mar-vell spring up, is that cult still around?

How would the remaining KREE react? Do they still think him a traitor or did saving them from the Phoenix redeem him in their eyes?

How about Ronan the Accuser? he has long had a grudge against Mar-Vell

How about the assorted species of the universe itself?

Your forgot The Supreme Intelligence, who I believe DID resurrect him in Avengers vs. X-Men... only for him to die again.

I agree, there are plenty of ways for him to come back. And there are some interesting stories that could come from him, though I don't see Earthlings being where most of it would be.

I especially think that the return of Genis and Phyla would add interesting things. Especially his relationship with Genis, a larger call to arms for him out of inspiration... or even seeing his father as less than he thought he had been.

Would Marv have issues with some of the ways Genis lived his life and carried on his name?

What of his views on how Adam Warlock handled being Thanos de facto adversary, in Marv's absence?

What are his thoughts on the seeming (to me) lack of protector of the universe? Is it better for him to somehow ascend to Eon's place (is he still alive? I have seen him, but have no knowledge of his/her return)?

A relationship with the Silver Surfer and/or Warlock has potential.

MArv's response to a less cosmic and less together universe in the wake of Annihilation and Secret Wars.

HOWEVER, as I said, my gripe is two fold. One is that the story has to be as good as DoCM. By no means an easy task. Starlin wrote it as a way to deal with his father's death (along with his sickness in his Eerie series), so he may not be easy to get. However there are plenty of other talented writers. But it does need to be At least as good. That is what I am most adamant about... as if what I think matters to anyone.

The other problem (for me) is that Captain MArvel has been dead the whole time I have been reading comics. As I read Starlin's Amazing run, Englehart's underrated stories, and Moench's pretty decent tales, I knew he would die. It was a verey interesting way to read it.

It makes for a very interesting and strong reading. IN many ways, him coming back would almost be like UNcle BEn coming back.

But he ISN't Uncle Ben. It could happen.

I guess to make a way too long point short... I wouldn't suggest bringing Mar-Vell back. I wouldn't say I want it. I would say it was a bad idea. I would however pick it up if it was all done well. I would also be open.

Hope this makes sense

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