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Subj: Re: Does Galactus Really Need A Herald? Does It Make Him Look Bad?
Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 at 12:09:14 am EST (Viewed 622 times)
Reply Subj: Does Galactus Really Need A Herald? Does It Make Him Look Bad?
Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 at 07:54:02 pm EST (Viewed 712 times)

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I'm just wondering if Galactus having had a dozen heralds maybe makes him look bad, because a lot of them have either turned on him or betrayed him. This happened with The Surfer, The Fallen One and Terrax, and Morg turned out to be bad. And Air Walker and Red Shift died pretty much right away. Only Stardust really seemed to work out and really have a connection and loyalty to (Maybe love?) the big G. His heralds don't seem to work out, but he keeps on making more. Can Galactus operate without a herald, and has he? I thought that there was a brief time when he did.

I suspect Galactus knows his heralds will turn on him eventually, however the heralds do scout the universe for him and can find planets more quickly and efficiently then he can.

Surfer turned on Galactus when his morality was awakened.

Air Walker: blasted by weapons designed to hurt/kill Galactus. Galactus was too weak to revive/heal him but put his life force into the robot body. However due to behavior anomalies he abandoned it.

Firelord: eventually was released in exchange for the Asgardian Destroyer armor.

Terrax: Galactus wanted a herald without morals this time. However this backfired as Terrax proved treacherous and chafed at being a servant. He was depowered and left for dead by Galactus until Doom came along...

Frankie Raye/Nova: was loyal and didn't care if aliens died to satsidy Galactus and his hunger. Was fascinated by the universe and possibly loved Galactus and it was hinted he may have had feelings for her. However her feelings for the Surfer and his awakening her own morality caused her to be discharged from duty in favor of Morg as his new herald.

Morg: had no morals, no qualms about killing and no problems being a loyal warrior and servant. easily as strong as the Surfer he later augmented himself even further. Killed Frankie Raye in battle thus earning the ire of Galactus at that moment yet was regenerated by Galactus due to his loyalty to him.

Why Galactus does not depower all his heralds when they leave him is an interesting question that I don't think was answered over the years, but I may have missed it. Perhaps he knows a few things about destiny and that his heralds are still needed for the sake of the cosmos.

Case in point: if there was no Silver Surfer, there would have been no one to start the fight against Thanos when Death revived him. It was the Surfer that prompted Warlock's return so that he could stop Thanos but without the Surfer....that would have left brain damaged Drax.....