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Subj: Re: Infinity Countdown Prime #1: Questions...
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 04:33:27 pm EST (Viewed 611 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Infinity Countdown Prime #1: Questions...
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 at 12:17:28 pm EST (Viewed 630 times)


      So, that the direction where Marvel is going with Hamk Pymtron, eh?

    Well, they've got to resolve his story somehow.

That's fair - just a bit odd. There's the 5 W's questions around his sudden involvement with Infinity Stone. Also, the selection of husks he animated in Ultron's image, this ish, was peculiar. Does that suggest Pymtron in Alaska has been behind all the recent cadre of "Ultron units" pestering the GotG currently in that run?


      Is this GORGEOUS art or what?

    Or what. Recent Deodato has too much line work making his art too fussy looking. He was never great, but I preferred his art 10+ years ago.

Well maybe he can afford to lose a few grid lines since the novelty of that visual is old hat. Although, still better, as is, than many books out now.


      Have you seen such a gratutiously disturbing simple but mutually violent greeting between 2 as Loki saying eye ..err.. hi to Logan?

    That was just unnecessary gratuitous violence that Marvel and DC engage in too much of these days.



      Turk props! Turk?! WEHT Turk last we saw this Frank Miller (developed) DD cast mate?

    One of these least likely characters to ever get their hands on an Infinity Gem; why not? It's amusing.

Turk was an excellent source of bumbling comedy relief back in the day. Then it was like no writer would touch him. Now, he's fine but it's also feels like more... oddness for this plot pitch that "The Universe" spewed these 6 gems across the cosmos and it looks like an uneven proportion end up in Earther possessions.


      All the other Infinity Stones are going on in other books. Carol (in mirror universe) and Drax (away from Raptors), and K'lrt (this week in Hulk713). Where is the Spectrum and "Mar-Vell" grabs from? Doesn't that make 7?

    I think those are just references to alternate reality versions of Captain Marvel getting their own gems in their own realities, not ours.

Afaik, Carol is currently on a question in an evil Star Trekky mirror universe to find that Bean and has discovered some foreign Reality Stone is involved. Took this story reference to imply(confirm?) it to be from 616 but might be wrong.

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