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Galactus is no longer the Lifebringer but the World Devourer again. The Silver Surfer decides that keeping Ultron from taking over the universe and enlists Lifebringer Galactus to devour the planet that Ultron is on to stop him. That this tradeoff is worth it is extremely debatable. I don't like that any future genocides committed by Galactus are now directly the Surfer's moral responsibility.

Well SUrfer has been morally responsible for Galactu since his original run as his herald.

Remember when he was zapped into the Soul Gem by Thanos? Gamora could sense something was wrong with his spirit, Warlock confirmed it had to be when Galactus made him into the Surfer.

As soon as he could, Surfer confronts Galactus and Galactus reluctantly agrees to undo the spiritual tampering he did so that Surfer could feel the guilt.