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    But when the Surfer was told he was tampered with, he confronted Galactus, the tampering was removed and Surfer has come to slowly but surely accept his role and unless he was tampered with again, he still feels the guilt and accepts the responsibility.

Regardless, the tampering should relieve some of Surfer's responsibility in the genocides. Now the Surfer has full responsibility.

The Surfer's relationship with Galactus has always been complicated.

There are times when the two have been shown to genuinely respect each other. There have even been times of, not quite affection.

There is also the question of if it is really genocide. Genocide implies it is done with malice. Galactus only devours to survive. He is no more committing genocide then we would be if we ate all the cows on Earth.

I squashed a spider a few minutes ago, does that make me a murderer?

Is pneumonia a serial killer??

it is a concept that doesn't apply.

The Surfer has usually seemed to understand that, never condemning Galactus, but rather heralds who could lead him to other planets, but don't.

That having been said, the Surfer has always taken issue with Galactus not preferring uninhabited planets. In fact in issue #1 of volume 1, Lee tries to subtly imply that Earth may have been the first inhabited world Galactus came to.

Obviously that was proven false.

NOw, that is a complicated issue, but one thing is for sure, choosing to return Galactus to the devourer is out of character.

Any acceptance The Surfer had was based on the fact that Galactus simply is. He does what is his nature, and does it with out malice.

Changing him back is to alter a state that is more beneficial. it became, Galactus simply is... something better than he was.

I could understand this choice being made IF say the whole of life in the universe were threatened. That unleashing Galactus on unknown numbers of worlds would still be smaller in comparison.

I don't think this is that.