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    If we ate all the cows on Earth, that would be morally reprehensible.

What we do to them now is reprehensible. But we like to eat. We could live on vegetables and nuts but most of us (myself included) don't want to.

    Spiders are not people. Galactus kills people.

Galactus doesn't see people as people. We're insects to him.

    Pneumonia is not sentient. Galactus is. Galactus is aware of the ethical implications of his actions and has been haunted by it. When Dr. Strange used the images of Ikonn to show Galactus the ghosts of all he had killed, Galactus had to shut down his own mind.

Sometimes he's haunted. Sometimes he doesn't care. He doesn't just want to eat to survive. He wants to eat something tasty (life). He doesn't want to eat the planetary equivalent of rice cakes until the end of time.