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Subj: Re: Infinity Countdown #4
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      If we ate all the cows on Earth, that would be morally reprehensible.
    How? We as a species have already hunted countless animals into extinction.

That is immoral too. You honestly have no problem with wiping out an entire species? No wonder you have no problem with Galactus.

    In fact, before they were domesticated, thousands of years ago, they were far more vicious and dangerous creatures. We robbed them of that, and took away all of their survival instincts and abikities. If you did that to a human, you may say they were better off dead.

Interesting that you make this moral judgment about what we've done to cows but somehow it doesn't extend to wiping them out as a species. Why?

    Basic rule of biology: Survival of the fittest.

Biological behaviors aren't necessarily moral. Rape occurs in numerous species. That doesn't make rape moral.

    Galactus is higher on the food chain.

Higher in what sense? Might makes right?


      Spiders are not people. Galactus kills people.
    But to a spider on its web, who never encounters a predator, it is the highest life form. In a universe full of aliens, cosmic beings, living planets, Gods, Celestials, and countless concepts beyond our knowledge, what makes people so great?

People don't have to be great in order for them to have a right to life. Based on your standards, why can't I go around killing people who have Down Syndrome or are in comas? There are laws against abusing or killing pets. Do you think it's fine for a person to kill their dog because we are "higher" up on the food chain?

    We have a vested interest in Humans, because we are them. The main focus of the Marvel universe is based around them. But why should a higher being avoid a planet, just because there are beings on it.

Because life is special and amazing and fleeting enough as it is, even life forms "lower" than humans.

    Galactus even calls humans insects. I know spiders are arachnids, but the point is still valid.

And I'd find anyone who singlehandedly wiped out all spiders on Earth to be morally repugnant.

    Galactus is so far beyond us, different species see him differently.

But you haven't explained exactly why Galactus is so far "above" us, whatever that means, enough to justify he can kill us with no regard.


      Sometimes Galactus does things without malice, sometimes he does things with malice. Galactus has clearly been depicted as an emotional being.
    I didn't say he didn't do ANYTHING without malice, I said he didn't consume worlds out of malice.

But sometimes he does.

    So, I hope next time you trip over an ant hill, you pray to what ever God you old dear fore forgiveness, or ask for punishment for teh cops.

Obviously the police would not involve themselves since this is not illegal, but yes, I'd feel bad about crushing an ant hill and in the process probably killing many ants and ruining all their work.

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