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Subj: Re: Morg was a hard worker who gave 100% IMO.
Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 at 11:40:53 am EDT (Viewed 890 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Morg was a hard worker who gave 100% IMO.
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    I don't remember it that way at all. He did like Morg at first. Morg was loyal. Morg didn't have morals like Norrin and wasn't ambitious like Terrax. Morg was like a really good herald and Galactus appreciated his efficency.

    Morg was happy to be the lackey as long as he was allowed to kill. Galactus was miffed that Morg killed Nova (his favorite or 2nd favorite herald IMO). But Galactus brought Morg back to life very soon after Terrax killed he apparently didn't hold a grudge for that long.

    Morg is that employee you may not personally like but you know his work is going to be top notch. None of the heralds were as loyal or as committed to their job as Morg IMO.

I fully admit my memory of that era is not all it could be. Or rather, I was less preoccupied with Galactus and his herald, than the others. Not a huge Morg fan.

However, you have jogged some memories within me.

Yeah, I do remember a sort of, Galactus even wanting a herald he wouldn't get attached to, like previous ones.

Of course this may have been my inferred understanding... it has been a while.

I think in Galactus's mind he was sick of heralds and their sass mouthing him. If it wasn't Nova and Silver Surfer whining about innocent life it's Firelord being too distracted about Air Walker to do the job or Terrax trying to betray him. Galactus wanted someone loyal. Then he realized this yes man he's hired loves killing. Galactus usually only kills to survive and he usually doesn't enjoy it. So he finally found the perfect loyal employee he always wanted yet this guy is like a PR nightmare who angers everyone making Galactus look bad.

To my knowledge I don't remember Norrin ever taking Galactus to task for resurrecting Morg right after he was killed in the herald ordeal. Galactus more or less lied and told Norrin making Morg a herald was a mistake after Terrax killed Morg...and then Galactus brings Morg back two issues later.