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    To my knowledge I don't remember Norrin ever taking Galactus to task for resurrecting Morg right after he was killed in the herald ordeal. Galactus more or less lied and told Norrin making Morg a herald was a mistake after Terrax killed Morg...and then Galactus brings Morg back two issues later.

Galactus doesn't lie. It has been stated any times by cosmic entities, that Galactus doesn't lie, because he has no need to lie.

I think it is far more likely, that Galctus just viewed it as the best option instead of getting yet another herald.

Norrin Radd, probably saw the same logic that Galactus did.

Yes, Galactus saw Morg as suitable, and as someone who would have no designs on rebelling. That does not meant that it wasn't a mistake,just one he could live with.