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Subj: Trades of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 at 06:14:05 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Question. [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 08:17:19 pm EDT

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Okay I've asked this board before where a good place to start reading the flash would be. Well I haven't gotten around to reading any of those suggestions so far and the only Flash thing I've read was issue #1 of the current series with Bart Allen (well I did read Green Lantern rebirth which had the Flash in it but it didn't focus on him). So could I read start reading issue 231 and get what's going on? I heard how Wally West (I think that it was that Flash) came back and I heard how Bart died but I would have to go back and see the same info again to remind myself on most of the details. Or should I read issues 1-13 and then read 231? Or should I read older comics to get more of the history of the Flash? I'm bassically just curious if I can jump into the current series or not. Oh and are they collecting 1-13 in a trade or is it to early to know that info yet?

"Lightning in a Bottle" is out right now, and contains issues #1-6.
"Full Throttle" is due out in December, and will include the rest of the series, the Flash story from last year's Infinite Holiday Special, and might also include All-Flash #1. (The original solicit said it was going to include Flash: TFMA #7-14, and issue #14 was really a placeholder for All Flash.)

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