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Subj: Re: bad guys doing bad things???
Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2007 at 12:09:21 pm CDT
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Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2007 at 05:51:00 pm CDT

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> why is everyone shocked that the rogues killed bart??? isnt that what just about every super villain been trying to do to every super hero forever???

Not the Rogues. They tend to wax philosophical about their defeats and didn't usually kill for any reason, simply because it upped the ante past where they were willing to go. After all, after they killed, what's to stop someone from using lethal force on them?

> what was mirror master trying to do to wally all those times???

Get him out of the way long enough to do a job. No more, no less.

> the rest of the DCU villians seemed to be shocked and appauled by this

Because they know what it means for them. After Sue Dibny's murder, we got the same collective feeling from the villain... because they knew that the heroes were seriously angry, and they were the ones that would suffer for it.


ok when was the last time you read a comic where the crime being commited by the villain wasnt superhero assualt??? when was the last bank robbery you saw in a comic? last jewelry store heist? bascially 99.9% of all the plots in comics is villain goes after hero. to what end ??? to give them a good smack? honestly when was thr last crime you saw in comic that didnt involve getting to hero in some way?

even getting past revenge by heroes arch enemies new villains try and kill them too. how many times have you read this line" if i take you out i cement my rep..." or something to that affect by a new villain? and of course villains dont win that parts of the genre the hero is a THE hero

and heroes die all the time (they just come back to life later) the rest of them dont go on the warpath every time heck when blue beetle died they hardly noticed when hawkman was seemingly killed right before the ttitle switched to hawkgirl the JSA didnt decend on ST roch en mass and turn the city upside down . the bataquad didnt move heaven and earth to take down black mask after spoiler was killed. and you would think her boyfriend robin would have done something.

the huge hero manhunt for the rogues?? where is it? how is part of it?
wondergirl, who swore revenge? robin? 2 of barts closest friends? has jay garrick been running all around tracking them down the killer of the guy he considered like a son to him and his wife? how about liberty belle/jesse quick? has she done anything to bring her former speed force team mates killers to justice? so far wally got inertia thats it. ? any hint of either the jla or jsa putting the rogue manhunt on their to do list? life goes on

what about when iris allen was killed? i dont relly remeber the story too well but i do remeber that the JLA was more concerned with barry stopping and dealing with his loss then forming a posse. i remeber a cool issue where barry took on a few JLAers when they tried to stop him from doing something .

yeah IC saw mobilization to get Dr light but just about every other storyline heroes are way too busy to really give a crap

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