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Subj: Re: bad guys doing bad things???
Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 at 08:28:59 am BST
Reply Subj: Re: bad guys doing bad things???
Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 at 03:43:47 am BST

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> > > Well, Hawkman's friends and family DID know he wasn't dead and was getting revenge himself. \:\)
> >
> > Nope. Ollie even chewed Carter out for making them go to a needless funeral.
> Yeah, but that's Ollie. \:\) Dr. Fate definitely knew... his participation was key. The whole arc took a very short time at any rate... just a few days. Besides, if my key relatives and allies included Green Arrow, I'd probably lie about anything I needed kept under wraps too. \:\)

Actually, IIRC it took place over a matter of weeks.
> > > Because they were in on it. At least Dr. Fate was. \:\)
> >
> > More like ONLY Dr. Fate was in on it. The entire JSA, Hawkgirl included, thought that Hawkman had been killed.
> Well, Hawkgirl was definitely decieved. The JSA probably just didn't factor into Hawkman's plan at all... he wasn't a member at the time after all.

They weren't in on it either. Wildcat gave Hector some lip about it, IIRC.
> > But in all fairness, the villains in question had a fairly decent plan in place, and well prepared rabbit holes to evade capture. They just didn't count on Hawkman surviving and using his brain to hunt them down.
> I'll agree there. Didn't Charlie Parker claim to be hunting the villains down himself anyway? (It was a lie, but they had no reason to doubt him.)

His 'plan' to the other heroes was to lure the villains back by impersonating Hawkman. I suspect that with the buildup to Crisis and with everything else that was happening, no one really had that much time to devote to the matter, so just deferred to Hawkgirl and Charlie.

With Bart, though, it's different. There's no crisis distracting the heroes, nothing dividing the heroes, all of whom are organized.

Though in fairness, the Rogues used to be organized too. IMO, they should have had a plan in place, in case they killed a Flash.

like others said only dr fate was in on hawkman faking his death but even if they were one group defintely wasnt in on it .... the vilains of the DCU so my point still stands the villains of the DCU saw hawkman' a big time JSAer with ties to the JLA, get taken out by a groupd of his enemies and all the super hero community did was have a funeral

bessides Identiy crisis( which i thought stunk by the way) there never has been a super hero crack down on villians when a hero dies

why should the rogues expect one now? why should the villians of the DCU get their panties in a bunch because the rogues killed bart? nothing is going to happen to them ( the villains i mean )

the bad guys have to be bad otherwise why do we need good guys

someone mention that the rogues used to be bankrobber type crooks sorry i cant remeber who post and i too lazy to go back and look lol

you are right and i did like them as such and i admit this might be bad direction to go in with the rogues

but my point is its been along time since comic writers used those kind of crimes in their stories the conflict we see in 99.9% of comcis nowadays is the hero or those very close to them being attacked directly the heroes are th targets sooner or later one of them has to get "hit" so if flashes villains hit him why should batmans villaisn care when they are trying the same thing except that batman is the target or supermans or GAs or GLs

maybe th writerw will come up with something that makes the "backlash" agaisnt he rogues make more sense but right now i am scratching my head

BTW if you didnt read that hawkman story we are talking about you should check it out... good stuff with some really impressive art by sean bennett

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