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Subj: Re: Bad art and bad idea.
Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 at 10:29:51 pm BST
Reply Subj: Re: Bad art and bad idea.
Posted: Fri Aug 17, 2007 at 07:39:36 pm BST

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First, I think we need to relax a bit. It's one issue. Generally, monthlies aren't written to be "done in one"s anymore. So, you need to give the team a chance to finish one story before passing any sort of accurate judgment. The new art will probably improve in time or they'll replace Acuna. Personally, I'm always up for new perspectives on drawing the Flash and some of the coloring effects in this issue were neat, particularly when Wally's trying to escape the squid-looking guy.

Second, Flash family. The kids having powers are a natural progression of Wally's story. Through his entire run, especially under Waid's writing, there has been a large focus on Wally maturing as a super-hero and as a person. He's married. He and Linda had already had children. There are a few different directions you can go in with children: powers vs no powers, the kids being in constant jeopardy, non-powered kids dealing with superparents, etc. I think it's a good idea making these kids a large part of Wally's superhero career. Because the alternative is to have him be constantly asking himself if he's being a good father while he's running around saving lives and, as everyone pointed out during Bart's run, Flash should be as melodrama free as possible. And looking at this as "Brady Bunch Flash" is kinda the glass is half empty approach. Batman's had kid sidekicks forever and they created great stories and ideas. Hell, if it weren't for superpowered kids, Wally wouldn't exist. Why not try the glass is half full: The Incredibles + Flash = pretty sweet comic potential.

Again, this is the first issue. Personally, I think it's a start. Probably too low key a start but there are some good ideas here. But, it could turn out that all these ideas were dumb and they'll fail miserably. But how about we wait until they have failed before lodging so many complaints?

> > > Oh...this is so STUPID. The Brady Bunch Flash. I can see a sitcom sometime in the future on the Family Cable Channel Network. Is this the best that you could come up with, Waid? Do you really enjoy writing this swill? As if the Bart Beaver Cleaver days weren't bad enough. What a horrible time to be a Flash Fan. Such a letdown. Sheesh.
> >
> > First of all, the art was horrible. Terrible. And this is a Mark Waid storyline? Hard to believe. They would have been much better off letting Bart live and continue the story they had going. It was far superior.
> I flipped through the book at the shop today and was shocked by how bad the art was and laughed at how stupid the idea of a family of superheroes was. I put the book back and immediately dropped Flash from my pull list. What audience was DC aiming for? Certainly not Flash fans.

i just went to the store today and picked it up expecting the worst from what people have said and i dont know about anyone else but i liked it

first the art ok jai looks weird liike a weird fidget on super steriods other then that i had no problems wally looks great in his flash outfit out of costume he looks good linda looks good iris is fine maybe could use some more asian in her but fine

his jay good ( btw jay has a great costume i am liking it more and more these days) his kid flash good
yeah its not your tradition super hero comc art and acuna didnt suddenly jump onto my favorite artist lists but i had no problems whats so ever with the look

as for the story it was a good intro issue wally and linda both seem like people who have been living a life since we last so them not people who just blinked in from comic book limbo they seem really happy but are carrying load of reponsibilty with those kids

hey its the incredibles in the DCU so what the incredibles was a great movie and mark waid is a pretty darn good writer he can do soe good stuff with this

i liked how they are tackling something that happened to the city and not to them to many comic plots have th heros saving themselves and not helping others

one thing i didnt like was the OYL premise of keystone being hero-less
for th past year i think we can say from popluar opinion OYL was no great shakes and we as audience have put it behind us so why does waid bring it back now? also what about jay and bart? what are they chopped liver? that left a bit of bad taste in mouth but that it

looking forward to the next issue

just for the record wally is in my top 5 heroes of all time list so maybe i am bit biased

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