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Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 at 01:49:42 pm GMT
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> Is there a site out there. That can help me figure out who all the secondary chara are in Flash series. Would be helpful if it was when Central City was just that... instead of the Twin Cities.
> I am primarily looking for chara that Barry worked with. People on the police force etc.
> But I am also looking for any family or friends he might have had there.
> I am writing a story where Flash is saved for an amature press alliance... and the Crisis and dustruction of the Multiverse is halted and this information would be very helpful in doing the slower momments.

My site has a lot of that, though I haven't yet filled in all the neighbors, coworkers, etc. from Barry's series. (Too much current stuff still to do, and lately I've been filling in older details from Jay's era. Partly it's the way my boxes are stacked -- it's easier to get at the Golden Age books.)

A few characters, off the top of my head, who aren't online yet:

Detective Frank Curtis (also on the police force) became friends with Barry shortly before Iris' "death."

Captain Darrel Frye was his boss during the same time period. Frye had a secret life as a wannabe super-hero, "Captain Invincible," who had decided to confide in Barry (without knowing he was the Flash). Mostly he tried to foil crimes and the Flash secretly tagged along to keep him out of trouble. He had a pacemaker, which at one point was secretly fitted with a miniature nuclear bomb (no, really!) by someone who wanted to make a point about a bomb detector not being foolproof.

Daphne Dean was his childhood sweetheart back in Fallville, Iowa, who moved out west and became a movie star. She visited a couple of times.

Stacy Conwell was (IIRC) the daughter of one of Barry's friends on the force, who was (again, IIRC) killed in the line of duty. During the year or so before Iris' death, she lived with the Allens while going to college.

Between Iris' death and Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry lived in the Utopia Towers apartments. His next door neighbors were single father Mack Nathan and his son Troy on one side, and Fiona Webb on the other. IIRC Mack was an engineer at Wiggins Toys (as in Captain Boomerang's origin). Barry and Fiona were trying to get married when Zoom attacked, leading to Barry killing him and the long trial storyline.

Patty Spivot was Barry's lab assistant at the time.

His parents still lived in Fallville, but I think Iris' father Ira West lived in Central City.

Flash's lawyer on the murder trial was Cecile Horton.

Some of these characters are online already in the supporting cast section (there are a few listed on the appendix page also), but a lot of them are still on my to-do list.

After Zoom's death, Barry went into hiding, letting people think he'd been kidnapped. He figured if the Flash were convicted, Barry would have no future, so why act as if he did? At the time Crisis hit, a few close friends and family knew he'd gone to the future to be with a resurrected Iris, but most people thought just had never been found.

If you have any specific questions, ask them here. I know there are other people on here who probably remember that period better than I do, and I'll try to answer (or look up, if I have time) as well.

"The Flash lives! I always wanted to say that." -- Wally West, Flash v.2 #50

Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning
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Thanks. That helped a lot...

Yes... your site was one of the first I found when I googled Flash... so I have seen it... and if anyone who is a Flash fan hasn't... definitely take a look... it is a gorgeous site and easy to use.

I'd have to say it is probably one of the best sites I have seen for nearly any chara.

I did notice one chara I felt was missing from your Heroes section of your site... Captian Comet... Kid Flash and Captain Comet both teamed up in Secret Society of the Super Villains for a couple of issues... and it seemed the two of them were great friends. I remember being disappointed when Wally left Cap all by himself to face and find the SSotSV... especially when you consider what lame villains they were fighting over in the original Titans.

Do you know if Irv Novak is still around? or did he pass away? I LOVED his renditions of Barry both in and out of costume (Course I feel the same way about the JLA and Dick Dillon, who drew a gorgeous Flash)... and no one drew super speed like him... and only Perez or Jimenez drew speed using chara equal or better than Novak.

Anyhow... I have your Flash Page saved to my favorites already... so I will continue to check... thanks.


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