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Subj: Wasn't it kinda on subject?... or Bring em Back !!!
Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 at 03:09:15 am CST
Reply Subj: Keep your posts on subject please guys, this is the FLASH mb. nnt
Posted: Thu Nov 15, 2007 at 03:35:01 pm CST

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> If Bucky, who had no powers at all, could come back, and Jason Todd could come back, Sue Dibney could certainly come back.
> This is fiction. Anyone who wants her back and has a brain to think can bring her back. It won't get published by Marvel or DC, but she is alive for anyone who wants her to be.
> I wonder when Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy will show up. Didn't Uncle Ben invent rice after he was dead? Or was that before? I think I remember that San Francisco thing being "new" when I was a kid. As with anything else "new", my parents resented it.
> If only Bucky had invented rice, it would be a safe bet. I think.
> >
> > "It's not, 'Oh, they killed Sue Dibney and I always loved that character,' it's 'Oh, they broke a story engine that could have told a thousand stories in order to publish a single 'important' one.'" -- John Seavey

Seems to me they were discussing comebacks from the dead... and Bart was the main focus... and they made comparisons to others that have...

Frankly they could bring Barry and Bart back... make Wally use his Kid Flash uniform as the Flash (You didn't see Barry adopt Jay's uniform) and then the next Kid Flash could have been Impulse (or he could have just kept his name Impulse) in his uniform...

Frankly I don't care for Wally in Barry's suit. I prefered Wally in his suit which was just as much a Flash uniform as Barry's (But then I am also of a mindset that Dick/Robin should have remained Robin and Nightwing should have been Batman's new kid sidekick...

oh well...