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Subj: Re: What would you think of a trade with Marvel?
Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 at 11:31:19 am EST
Reply Subj: Re: What would you think of a trade with Marvel?
Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 at 02:12:23 am EST

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> 1) Frankly I wouldn't want Marvel to get their hands on Barry...

Well, you could say that they've already got him...

"The Flash lives! I always wanted to say that." -- Wally West, Flash v.2 #50

Buried Alien was a nice little tribute and based loosely on Barry Allen... but they don't have him.

I could sit down right now and make up every hero out there for a comic and base them all on established chara...

Squadron Supreme-JLA (Mar)
Imperial Guard-Legion (Mar)
Crusaders-Freedom Fighters (Mar)
Crusaders-Invaders (DC)
Henshaw (Cyborg Superman) and his pals (from Superman)-F4 (DC)
Inviso-Kid, Brainiac 5, Blok & Sunboy (Action Comics)-F4 (DC)
and I am sure there is a HUGE list of others I am missing.

But I still stand firm... I really don't want or would never desire any other chara from either of the BIG TWO to come into the other on a permanent basis.

I doubt Barry would fit well in the Marvel Universe... he'd run rings around everyone (Not that essentially he didn't in the DCU).

Frankly I have always felt the Power levels were at different ends of the Spectrum.

As fast as Quicksilver may be... he could never truely outmatch the Flash.

Now maybe Johnny Quick and Quicksilver might have been closer to the same speed at one time.

Besides... can't we get the same thing out of the Golden Age Guardian chara (He used to hang with the Newsboy Legion) that we could out of Captain America?

ah well... BACK TO THE (subject of the board) FLASH