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Subj: Re: Soooooo, not making sense still?
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Reply Subj: Soooooo, not making sense still?
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I read final crisis, and have been following Rebirth very closely and what I have come up with is that now apparently Barry "Created" the speed force, when lightning struck his body, having been douced by chemicals. Ok, pretty hard to swallow, now I know that this is really nit picking, and I'm sure theres a perfectly reasonable explanation, hopefully not having to do with aliens. But, what excalty accounted for Jay G.'s speed all those years, while Barry was still working nights in the forensics? As far as the whole lightning + chemicals = the speed force? The speed force is like this un defined amount of energy powering all the speedsters. but how can they be trapped inside of it? Was zoom also trapped inside?

The reason Jay, Max Mercury, and the whole Hee-Haw gang got their powers is Barry's accident created a speed force that went both ways through time and space. The reason speedsters could get trapped in that power is that it's still basically a dimension that Barry generates where the standard laws of physics don't really apply.

Zoom was not trapped in the Speed Force... he created the antithesis of it for his powers.