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Subj: Some questions...
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I feel the same way about this mini-series which is disappointing as I've been reading the Flash for years.
It just seems like the story doesn't matter.
So I'm hoping the new on-going series really knocks one outta the park.

When does it come out? Also:

1) If this is Barry's "Reverse-Flash" (from the future and all that), where is Wally's (Zolomon)? And where has Barry's been this whole time?

2) The only comics I need to read to see Barry's resurrection are "DC Universe" #0 and the "Final Crisis" LS, right? I originally started reading "Flash: Rebirth," thinking it'd all be there as in "GL: Rebirth," but...

Thanks in advance.

- Rodimus

Question I looked up on google: Will Ash Vs. Evil Dead be continued as a cartoon?

"In an interview with Collider during San Diego Comic-Con, genre entertainment icon Bruce Campbell confirmed that the powers that be are in conversation to continue his character's demon-busting adventures in a new animated series version of Ash vs. Evil Dead. 'You can do the future a lot easier in animation.'"

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