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The accelerator exploded/malfunctioned because Wells/Thawne designed it to do so.

He has publicly admitted to the press as part of his plans to avoid being outed by the Pied Piper that there was a chance the accelerator could have malfunctioned and admitted to extreme hubris on his part. This of course was a calculated risk on his part but he wanted to out himself about the "accident" before Piper could cause a scandal. Basically he threw himself on his sword.

Thawne stated in the flashback when he was prepping to absorb Wells and take his place that he needed the accelerator to happen sooner.

This is due to the fact that he timewarped too far into the past where there was no Flash, and no speed force yet to keep himself powered and thus he ran out of energy and lost his speed.

The accelerator exploding changed that by empowering Barry, who in turn generates the speed force. Wells/Thawne was also using the tachyon device to recharge himself as part of his plans to take on Barry and get back home.

Take note of the recent episode with the robot bees when Tina McGee commented how the tachyon device was stolen and Wells/Thawne almost too eagerly asked if she had another. Notice that she didn't comment. I bet she does and won't say.

When Wells/Thawne confronted and killed Cisco before Barry did the time warp, he made it clear that young Barry was his target in the past and that he needs Barry to come into his full power in the present so he can get home.

Tachyons never move slower then light and yes they are a common thing with time travel, given all the energy that Flash and Reverse Flash tap into and generate as they run, some energy residue should be expected, even on a 15 year old body that they dug up.

I bet if Barry was scanned for tachyon residue he'd have some from his own time travel.

Obviously Wells caused the explosion to speed things up. However, what I am trying to state is that what if something happened on the date of the Particle Accelerator explosion that has yet to be discovered. Something that will change what we think of the Flash.