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    Okay. Sit back and eat your popcorn. Lets begin. Lets start off at the latest episode, Episode 20. The device Cisco uses measures TACHYONS. Tachyons? Yes, you remember them from Episode 9 when Harrison Wells stole them from Mercury Labs. Tachyons deal with SPEED. Okay, so Cisco measures tachyons and ends up finding the REAL harrison wells. Lets back track to Episode 17. A few days after eobard thawne TIME TRAVELS, he murders Harrison Wells and buries him. Back to Episode 20. When near the body, Cpt. Lance holds a drink and the liquid begins to float due to the tachyonic particles. Back to Episode 17, in the very beginning as the two speedsters TIME TRAVEL back 15 years ago near the Allen home, the liquid in the drink Nora holds begins to rise/float, as does the young Barry's aquarium water. Now we can state that this liquid flotation is due to speed mainly TIME TRAVEL. Now, all the way back to Episode 1. Right before Barry is struck by lightning, the chemicals in his lab FLOAT. Time travel? Maybe. What if one of the speedsters time traveled to the date of the particle accelerator and did something we have yet to learn. Any thoughts?

From the bread crumbs we have gotten I assume in Eobard's timeline there had been a Flash but it was an older Barry who became the Flash.

Eobard has sort of reverse engineered Barry's origin to bring about a Flash earlier in the timeline perhaps to avoid (or cause) something called Flashpoint (same name of an awful crossover in the comics). Eobard as Harrison had to rig the accelerator to explode to give Barry his powers earlier than he was supposed to get them.

I'm guessing Other Barry (Archer reference) may not have had a dead mother. That Other Barry (who was older) may have been the Barry that fought Reverse Flash in the past when Nora Allen was killed.

Eobard is the arch rival of that Other Barry. In that other timeline I assume Eobard has a long career of villainy.

Reverend Meteor

That's a thought. I just figured that by killing Barry's mom, the Reverse Flash somehow negated Barry's origin. By doing so, he began to lose his speed as well (of course this means that the Speed Force is actually caused by Barry becoming the Flash and not something that already exists that he taps into), something the Reverse-Flash hadn't counted on.

So, he takes an active hand in creating the accident that would cause Barry Allen to become the Flash.

Either way, that means in the alternate version a lot of the other characters such as Firestorm, the Pied Piper, Weather Wizard, etc don't exist either. It would be stretching credibility that they would all be on hand and affected a decade later

In the end, the time travel doesn't work anyway, they aren't playing it consistently from episode to episode. Since he replaces himself when he travels into the past, why didn't he when he traveled back to the time his mom died? Plus,in the other episode facing the Weather Wizard he wouldn't have seen his future self and remember it since his future self would have replaced him at that point, past Barry would have winked out of existence. The timeline of Cisco dying and revealing himself to Iris does not work if we see the time traveling Barry at the start of it by the very rules they later establish.

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