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Subj: Deleted scene from tonights episode
Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 at 07:08:23 am BST (Viewed 13 times)
Reply Subj: FLASH May 5th
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Ep opens with narration from Iris. She knows Barry is the Flash. She confronts Barry at Police HQ and he tells her he is sure the Flash is trying to find RF and Eddie. She is of course not believing him.

Meanwhile some criminals hit the gold reserve.

Barry checks in with Cisco who is working on the cameras that RF used to spy on everyone. They get an alarm about the Gold Reserve attack and Barry heads out to stop them. However he is stopped by a psychic attack from one of the attackers, they then flee and Barry gets back to Star Labs.

Barry is unharmed and relates what happened to them when Iris walks in. Please note that Barry is in costume but has the mask off. Iris is....not happy.

Caitlyn and Cisco justify listening in as Iris talks to Barry. She learns Wells is RF and that it was Joe that didn't want Iris to know. She leaves in a huff of course.

Eddie in his prison is visited by Wells/Thawne. Wells/Thawne is now wearing what appears to be a Flash ring on his finger. he refuses to prove to Eddie that he is from the future, Eddie tells him the Flash will stop him and Wells zooms right up to Eddie and tells him to shut up.

Joe speaks with Iris. They argue about things and how if she had been told sooner that Eddie may not have been taken, and that if she knew sooner about how Barry felt about her she wouldn't be dating Eddie. Joe tells her that it wasn't his place to tell her how Barry feels about Iris.

Barry and crew get an alert of a gold bar shipment being transferred to the vaults. Turns out they are using an ice cream truck with Joe and some cops in it. They get attacked of course and Barry zooms in. Joe is about to drop the robber in yellow helmet when Barry nails him from behind and knocks him out. Turns out the man in yellow helmet is General Eiling!

They put him in lockup at Star Labs, Eiling is fine physically but mentally he isn't home. Turns out Eiling has been listed as missing for 3 months per Argus and the military. Eiling speaks and knows Barry is the Flash, he also knows Caitlyn, the way he speaks sounds like a deep, grunting Gorilla, and he states he is GRODD. Grodd is controlling Eiling!

They recheck Star Labs archive vid files and review footage of when Grodd was a test subject. Eiling was trying to make soldiers with psychic powers and Wells/Thawne terminated the project. Turns out Grodd escaped after the accelerator exploded and Cisco thinks they are dealing with a meta-gorilla. They compare a brain scan of Grodd and Eiling and they match up and think that Grodd is controlling Eiling. Joe suspects Wells/Thawne is using Grodd to distract them and that if they find Grodd they find Wells/Thawne.

Iris arrives and shows them reports of workers going missing in the sewers. Joe and Barry get ready to go and Cisco reluctantly joins them.

Among their items with them is a bananna....wonder if Grodd will do what he did in the Justice League cartoon? \:\)

Caitlyn talks with Iris and they talk briefly about Ronnie.

Turns out Joe is afraid of gorillas. They find writing on the walls from Grodd that show Grodd is getting smarter. They then hear noises and start getting nervous, Barry gets hit with a mind attack and Joe opens fire but is taken by Grodd.

Joe wakes up and points his gun at Grodd but Grodd forces him to point his gun at himself instead. Joe and Grodd have a conversation. Joe offers him the banana and Grodd tells him he hates bananas.

At Star Labs Barry is checked out again, he asks them if they can build something to block Grodd's attacks. Cisco is skeptical about being able to do that. Iris leaves in a huff again. Barry of course goes after her and they argue.

Eddie talks with Wells/Thawne and he learns that his descendants will be politicians and people of influence and Eddie is the exception to the family rule. A waste of a life a waste of a man, and then Wells/Thawne shows him the future newspaper article about the Flash and how it was written by Iris-West Allen. Eddie is.....displeased.

Cisco and Caitlyn rig a device for Barry that might shield him. Barry suits up and heads out.

Cisco triggers a steam surge in teh sewers before Barry heads in which gets Grodd moving. The plan is to herd Grodd to a large tunnel area where Barry can sonic punch Grodd. However Grodd catches Barry's fist and flings him to the ground.

The headset is working and Barry tries to attack but Grodd easily stops him and sends him through a wall which of course breaks the headband that was shielding Barry. Barry is on a track and a train is coming. Iris talks to Barry and gets him to focus and resist Grodd. Grodd leaps at Barry, but Barry dodges as the train comes and it appears to hit Grodd.

Barry finds Joe and gets him out of the sewers.

Barry checks on Eiling, he is back to normal and releases Eiling. They exchange words and Eiling makes it clear that if he wanted to come after Barry he would have done it by now. He also makes it clear that they have a common enemy in Wells/Thawne and then leaves to hunt Grodd.

In sick bay Joe is resting with 3 cracked ribs and answers some questions from Cisco then talks to Iris alone. They reconcile.

Barry states that Joe mentioned Grodd called Wells/Thawne his father and is certain that Wells/Thawne sent Grodd after them. Barry also states that this incident proved they dont' need to have Wells/Thawne around to provide the tech that they use.

Barry talks with Iris on the roof of the coffee shop.

We then see Grodd climbing buildings and leaping around.

Wells/Thawne finishes building a device and tells Eddie it is the key. Then Wells/Thawne inserts it into a device which activates and he says "Time to go home!"

1. Knew that train didnt kill Grodd.

2. Loved the line about bananas

3. Wells/Thawne is closer to getting home.

4. Team Flash still doesn't know how to find Wells/Thawne.

5. Eddie gets a brief crash course on his future and how bleak it is going to be.

6. the devie Wells/Thawne activates....a giant time machine? This could be what gets Barry to travel back to try to save his mother.

Two episodes left in the season!

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