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Subj: Re: About Well's comments to Cisco regardng Nora
Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 at 07:37:24 pm BST (Viewed 382 times)
Reply Subj: Re: About Well's comments to Cisco regardng Nora
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Wells said that in the original timeline and again in the dream sequence, and Everyman disguised as Wells also stated that.

Again, it wasn't the magic words that Barry and Joe wanted to hear, but he stated it wasn't his intention to kill her, she still ends up dead and is the only fatality.

Two things-

First, if you're going to show the video to the District Attorney, it turned out to be Everyman, not Wells, who more or less admitted to killing Nora.  If they can prove who Everyman is, wouldn't he also have been a kid that night 15 years ago?  Sort of makes the "proof" evaporate.

Plus, on the matter of the blood, let's bring that to the attention of the DA as well!

That way, he (or she?) will end up, eventually, figuring out Barry Allen's adult blood was left behind the night 8 year old Barry's mother was killed.  No, this won't clue him in to the fact Barry is the Flash, will it?

Without a clear statement from the "real" Wells that he (plainly and simply) did kill Nora, Barry's dad has to stay behind bars.