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Subj: Re: where did future flash go?
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    This is complicated though, for did not barry create the SpeedForce itself though, and as such, he had to be created, so that the possibility is that the future Crisis is not a fixed point in time, as RF seems to what to make it as being, but that barry just might be able to avert it from happening at all?

I have just (partially) watched the latest/last episode and it was fascinating as by story's end Thawne confirms what has been in the background since day #1. The fact that he himself has engineered The Flash's creation. Think on that and you must accept that he has rewritten history, some other incident (the classic lightning & chemicals?) must have originally created The Flash. But Thawne is quite clear that he HAD to create The Flash this time around, or he could never get himself home.
The implications are hard to assess, but we must accept that he has rewritten time, he admits to having fought the older Barry numerous times and one has the impression that the original timeline was much like the original pre-crisis Flash comics. But now, just like the new Star Trek, we are in a new timeline with an ammended history. Very similar, but not quite. It is a strange thing to start a show like this...

If by travelling back in time to kill young Barry The Reverse-Flash somehow triggered an event that altered history so that Barry would never become The Flash then surely he alters his own history as well? Certainly he seemed very concerned that the year 2024 and the 'Crisis' remained sacrosanct so there must be some element missing from this, but he did seem to make it clear that he had to engineer the Star Labs explosion in order to create The Flash this time round in order to get himself back to the Future and home. So something is missing here...

    And just what is so important from RF view for an Event that happen 4-5 00 years before his own time?

I do wonder if the Red Skies and Crisis is time related, something to do with time travel and history being threatened. You can't look too hard for absolute logic as like the original Flash comicbook series you just had to go with the idea that Reverse-Flash was obsessive and, well, Mad.

    And maybe Barry in the future did something bad to RF somehow?

Reverse-Flash definitely has a long history with older-Flash, quite what the grudge was I can only guess at. This television Eobard Thawne comes across as a little more calculating and rational than the comicbook version typically was so I would have to assume the reason might be to do with family bloodline. A feud crossing the ages thanks to some perceived injustice on the Thawne Family side? Something like this was what Mark Waid's 'Chain Lightning' storyarc was about circa Flash #150, and since the television producers have (heavily) lifted from Wally West's run shamelessly perhaps they are mashing this storyline up with elements of 'The Return of Barry Allen' back in #79... on the evidence thus far it does seem quite possible that Thawne's vendetta is, partly at least, to do with family and longstanding bitter resentment against the Allen's.


Would be interesting if it plays out that really Barry was the cause of the Crisis, and RF went to kill him off to stop that event from happening...

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