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Subj: Re: FLASH May 5th
Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 at 04:50:02 am BST (Viewed 355 times)
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    I'm still wondering why Barry's super-speed punch had no effect on Grodd. Telekinetic shield, maybe?

    Still, since the closing scene proves Grodd survived his "encounter" with the train... (And how convenient...Cisco never even saw the second train coming, yet it was there a moment after the first train had passed...and Grodd never noticed it coming either?)

    If Grodd survived, why did the General suddenly find himself free of Grodd's mind control? If Grodd was shielded by a TK field and was only stunned, why didn't his control of the General return once Grodd came to?

    I suspect Grodd originally was written to have been killed, and at the last minute the show-runners decided Grodd was too good a character to lose so early, so they changed it so he lived...which ended up making no sense considering what else happened.

    I hate it when they do stuff like this...

I would have been really disappointed if Grodd only got one episode. He looks awesome and they've made him so strong that he is a real problem for the Flash.