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Episode opens with Wells/Thawne vowing to Eddie that he will get back everything that was taken from him.

Iris and Barry chat at the coffee shop

Cisco has checked Well's wheelchair. Joe is convinced that it was the perfect misdirect in that they wouldn't suspect a man that can't walk of being a speedster. Cisco reveals that there is a device in the chair that generates more then enough power to power the city. Cisco states the device was super charging the Reverse Flash so that he would be faster then Barry. Joe makes a Radio Shack joke and Barry notes it looks like Gideon tech.

They get an alarm that the accelerator is reactivated and they realize Wells/Thawne has been there at Star Labs the whole time!

They get down there and Cisco's drink floats to alert them that RF is there. RF zips through the door and Barry Flashes after him, minus his costume (oy....). Barry almost catches RF, but RF puts on a burst of speed and flees. RF also released the teleporter metahuman who nearly kills Caitlyn until Iris decks her from behind. The teleporter gets locked up and they hear Eddie's yells for help. Eddie is rescued and NOT in a good mood about revelations about his future. Iris finds the engagement ring that RF tossed aside when he captured Eddie and realizes Eddie wants to marry her. Eddie confirms that RF is Eobard Thawne as in Cisco's dream sequences and tells them of the tube/power device that RF built which is now powering the accelerator!

Cisco locates it but is afraid to touch it as it is future technology and fears it may explode. Cisco guesses 36 hours until the accelerator is fully charged. They realize that the metahumans will fry when the accelerator comes online and Barry states they need to move them. Barry states they need to use the covert Argus cell on the island where Oliver was stranded, it is the same place where they placed Captain Boomerang. Cisco works on how to transport the metas. Joe is not thrilled but realizes that Iron Heights Prison cannot contain the metas. He also comments about illegal black ops sites.

Joe talks to the DA about metahumans, about a hypothetical prison for metahumans and she states she would be very concerned. Joe asks her if she can clear a route through town, she reminds him about unlawful imprisonment and smuggling and refuses to get involved and warns Joe to get out of the situation as fast as he can and stay away from it.

Barry talks to Joe, Oliver is stated as being in Nanda Parbat, Diggle's wife will aid them. Joe and Barry have a morality arguement about the situation.

Barry then goes to a bar where Captain Cold is at and states "we need to talk"

Cold and Barry chat, he is curious about what Barry would want with him. Barry explains the situation to Snart. Snart lectures Barry and Barry tells him they will destroy the city and that the city is Snart's home and that if the city is destroyed Snart will have no one to rob. Snart states he wants something in return and writes it down for Barry. Barry refuses, Snart states he won't help him. They argue and Snart leaves.

Iris talks with Eddie. She confronts him about the marriage proposal and Eddie states he was going to propose but not now that RF has shown him the future. He tells her that she and Barry get married.

At Star Labs, Joe is furious that Barry talked to Snart. Barry states he tried to contact Ronnie and Stein and Oliver and states that Snart was the last resort.

Cisco states they have 16 hours left.

Snart arrives and states his fee for services is all of his records online and offline, DNA, dental records, the works, are destroyed. Barry agrees, Joe disagrees. They argue. Joe reminds him that Snart is a killer, Barry reveals how RF is faster then him and that he feels he can't beat RF. He then states that he cares if the metas live or die and RF doesn't. Barry deletes all records from all systems around the world about Snart and his sister destroys the boxes of Snart's records. Barry is not pleased.

At Star Labs, Caitlyn argues with Snart's sister. Snart reveals he hasn't told anyone, not even his sister about who Flash is. Cisco has a funny moment with Snart's sister.

Cisco modified a truck's cooling system with the wheelchair power source to dampen the meta's powers. Snart's sister is licensed to drive the truck so she will drive. The metas are all gassed to sleep and Cisco arms the dampeners. They roll out with Barry scouting ahead and setting up roadblocks to reroute traffic.

Inside the truck the metas awake but their powers do not work. Of course they argue and bluster with each other. Before they can fight the truck stops at Ferris Air. We learn that Ferris Air was shut down after a test pilot disappeared. (nice Hal Jordan reference)

Snart's sister asks Cisco for a codename. He reluctantly names her Golden Glider.

The plane arrives and inside the truck the meta's start powering up. Cisco receives the alarm and heads to tell the others. Golden Glider grins evilly. Weather Wizard brings the plane down and the metas escape the truck.

Teleporter bails from the fight. One of the Meta's looks into Caitlyn's eyes and they glow for a moment, she then goes berzerk and attacks Cisco.

Barry beats the one that turns to gas then starts dodging weather wizard and laser eyes for a moment but gets blasted. Cold then freezes laser eyes and tells them that they should call tonight a draw and tells them they owe him for not letting them on the plane. Snart states laser eyes owed him money hence he shot him. They reluctantly thank Snart and leave.

Snart confronts Barry, and Snart tells him they will be more useful as his Rogues and that they all owe him. He also reminds Flash that this is all on him. Snart wont' kill Flash and tells him that Flash owes him one now. Snart and his sister depart.

At Star Labs, Caitlyn is recovered and Joe talks with Barry. Barry states he felt he could be like Oliver and do what it takes to get things done. Joe reminds him he isn't the Arrow and that Barry cares about people, even the Rogues.

The accelerator then powers up.

Iris confronts Eddie again. She tells Eddie that she chooses her destiny and that she chooses Eddie. Eddie tells her that he realizes she has feelings for Barry and vice versa and that he finally realizes he cannot change how she feels about Barry. They break up, and Eddie looks close to a break down.

At Star Labs they observe RF entering and Barry goes to face him.

RF speaks with Barry and he reminds him that what he did was what he had to do. RF offers to show him the accelerator and what it can do. RF reminds Barry he can't beat him. FIRESTORM and THE ARROW then arrive on the scene. RF states this is going to be fun then triggers his reverse flash ring to release his costume and the fight is on!

RF blows Firestorm away with a cyclone

Arrow his RF with an arrow from Ray Palmer that neutralizes RF's speed for a time. Flash saves Firestorm and then prevents RF from killing Arrow. Now it is Flash vs Reverse Flash. They clash and set up RF for a blast from Firestorm that sends RF off the roof and onto a parked car.

Arrow hits him again with the neutralizer arrow and RF drops. oliver and Barry chat and Oliver states he may need a favor from Barry.

Episode ends with Flash standing over Reverse Flash with the neutralizer arrow in him.


Okay whatever that neutralizer device is in the Arrow, Cisco and Caitlyn need to replicate that device and build many copies of it ASAP as we all know RF isn't down for long.

Even though they shut down RF's speed for the moment, how will they contain him? Wells/Thawne is very crafty.

RF reveals he stores his costume in his Reverse Flash ring!

Snart double crossed Barry, no surprise there. Barry's faith in human kindness was used against him. Now the Rogues are on the loose and Snart is planning to recruit them since they owe him a big favor. I have got to once again give the writers points for making Snart so devious.

Joe realizes more then ever that in terms of the law they are all in it deep for the containing of the metas. However with them all free now, the situation is somewhat moot, and Cisco and Caitlyn could easily wipe out evidence that they were locked up at Star Labs.

Eddie breaks up with Iris. He has seen his future and is not pleased and he realizes that Iris and Barry love each other, they know it even if they won't admit it, Joe knows it, and Eddie is done fighting it. Possible turn to the darkside for Eddie coming?

Caitlyn briefly gets mindzapped by the meta that induces anger....possible first nudge to being Killer Frost?

Great appearances by Firestorm and Arrow. The fact that they leave beforee RF is locked in a cell is bad though, even with that neutralizer stuck in RF.

Nice Hal Jordan reference at Ferris Aircraft.

Even though RF is down, they have a fully charged particle accelerator on hand to deal with. I sense Barry now has the means to time warp to the past as the accelerator is now serving as the cosmic treadmill.

I also suspect that Cisco and Barry will use the power generator from the wheelchair that cisco used to power the containment truck to supercharge Barry's powers.

Barry likely already IS faster then RF, but his doubt is impeding him. Just like in the Matrix with Neo, Barry must free his mind and not think he is slower or faster then RF but he must KNOW that he is.

EDIT: Aside from the fact that RF does have Barry believing he is slower then RF, I begin to suspect that RF has been juicing himself up with the battery that Cisco found in the wheelchair, but remember also that when he stole the tachyon device he clamped it onto his costume in storage and the costume was getting saturated with tachyon particles.

We later saw RF using the device on himself but that he wasn't stabilizing and not absorbing the speed force energy as he should be...

I suspect that battery in the wheelchair was indeed charging Reverse Flash so that he could use his powers and it was temporarily boosting him to be able to fight Barry, but once he got his hands on the tachyon device, he imbued his suit with tachyon energy and thus has a DUAL POWER SOURCE to keep him charged up until he can finish his plans with the particle accelerator.

Remember also that when RF first fights Barry in the series, Barry is still a novice with his powers and wasn't ready for someone like the Reverse Flash. Now it is all about RF having a major power source to boost himself and Barry's own doubts are keeping Barry's power level down.

EDIT 2: just rewatched the last half of Ep 9 when RF stole the tachyon device. When he was in the time vault and opened the closet where the RF costume was stored, the RF suit was jet black in color UNTIL RF used his reverse flash ring to turn on the lights in the storage room, but look carefully and the suit didn't turn yellow due to the lights, but due to the ring ACTIVATING the suit! The chest symbol on it lit up and then suit turns yellow. He then attaches the tachyon device to the suit and it begins to absorb the tachyon energies. Now I am even more convinced that I am right, that RF is having troubles tapping the speed force, and that he juiced up his suit to act as a power source and also juiced himself with that battery in the wheelchair.

Also don't forget that in the Queen Bee episode there was an implication that Tina McGee's company MIGHT have another tachyon device...

I hesitated to read this.

I haven't watched the episode yet. (Got it recorded.)

Your synopsis only makes me want to see it all the more. Heh.

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