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Subj: Re: FLASH MAY 12th
Posted: Thu May 14, 2015 at 01:09:31 am BST (Viewed 369 times)
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    Snart double crossed Barry, no surprise there. Barry's faith in human kindness was used against him. Now the Rogues are on the loose and Snart is planning to recruit them since they owe him a big favor. I have got to once again give the writers points for making Snart so devious.

I absolutely love the dynamic they are building between Cold and Flash, a sort of "Loyal Opposition". Nothing defined it better than when they laid down the framework for their relationship in which "family was off limits".

    Joe realizes more then ever that in terms of the law they are all in it deep for the containing of the metas. However with them all free now, the situation is somewhat moot, and Cisco and Caitlyn could easily wipe out evidence that they were locked up at Star Labs.

I'm glad they finally addressed the unethical and, unsanctioned solitary confinement they were operating without due process of the law. It really cast Flash in an unpardonablly bad light. Best that that aspect of the show has been cast aside.

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