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Subj: Re: What in the world did I just see? (MAJOR spoilers)
Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 at 10:17:17 pm EDT (Viewed 15 times)
Reply Subj: What in the world did I just see? (MAJOR spoilers)
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Okay. Thawne is undone. Or is he? Eddie's body's gone. Was he really dead yet? If not, why did Thawne vanish? If he was, then why is Barry still The Flash? The whole timeline should have fallen apart if Thawne was erased from existence. The death of the real Wells and his wife shouldn't have happened, the reactor accident shouldn't have happened, and Barry shouldn't have become The Flash, at least not this early. (And the metas should have come along later somehow, but not now?)

WHY IN THE WORLD did future Flash tell Barry, apparently by raising his hand, "Don't save mom"? WHAT in the world happened?

Why did what's obviously JAY's helmet come out of the wormhole?

Was there another Flash we've (and they've!) never heard about?

Thawne knew exactly what that helmet was, and said it was an indicator he had to get out of there right away. WHY?

- - -

I know nobody here can answer most of these, and we'll all find out in time...hopefully...but please, as for number 2, can someone please tell me what happened and why Nora wasn't saved?

We already know...and so does Barry...that he still became The Flash in the timeline where his mother lived. WHY did he stop himself? I mean, he goes as far as to get back there, and then doesn't save her. What changed his mind so suddenly? Why'd the "older" one do that?

Help me out here, if anyone understands this better than I do. Please.

1. When Eddie died, Reverse Flash was erased. That is a done deal the only way to change that as I postulate in my above thread is for Rip Hunter to arrive and either make sure that RF goes home or at least stop Eddie from shooting himself. That scene of RF prepping the time machine IS from the Legends trailer.

Rest assured that at this time, Eddie Thawne is quite dead and his family tree has been.....cut down.

2. Future Barry undoubtedly understands that things cannot/should not/must not be changed as the consequences would likely be.....bad. This wisdom of future Barry's is likely learned from the events now taking place: RF is erased by Eddie's death which triggers the wormhole/singularity which is in actuality a TIME STORM.

Another example of such a cataclysm would be at the end of Season 2 of Beast Wars when Predacon Megatron got into the crashed Autobot ship THE ARK and attempted to destroy OPTIMUS PRIME millions of years before he and the others aboard the ARK would awaken to resume the Great War.

I also cite the story from Babylon 5 about how Sinclair was Valen, will be Valen, MUST be Valen and that he is the one that steals Babylon 4 to go to the past. His life is a moebius strip that must not be broken or a thousand years of time will unravel and the Shadows will win.

3. jay's helmet is an easter egg that also hints that the multiverse exists and interviews about Season 2 indicate that they will be dealing with the multiverse. it is possible that the wormhole not only serves as time portal but a dimension portal to Earth 2 and Jay Garrick on the other side tossed his helmet into it to see what would happen.

RF knew about the helmet yes. RF knows many things that he did not tell the others and likely knew that if the wormhole is linking to Earth 2 then it may be unstable and that it was time to go.

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