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Subj: Re: Logic Error about the Reverse Flash on the series
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    1. RF has been operating under a power constraint since he was stuck in the past.

Frustrating for him I bet

    2. Once the accelerator detonated and Barry got zapped the speed force was born

Am I the only one that thinks the whole Speed Force forming because Barry creates it with every speed step he takes as NOT making any sense at all? How can anyone create another dimension, or whatever the Speed Force is, simply by running fast?

    3. RF still needs things like the tachyon device to energize his suit with tachyons for power

He's a smart man, he's figured out how to have Superspeed. Would it work if Eddie put on the Costume? Would he then have Superspeed himself? Good questions.

    4. We now also know that he had a battery in his wheelchair that pumped him full of energy.

Another clever tactic. All that sitting around and he was still helping himself.

    Both that and the suit likely are what keep him faster then Barry, plus Barry's own self doubts.

Yep, yep.

    But the logic error I find is this: while it is true that people want heroes and especially villains to look cool and menacing, etc etc, the fact that when in costume and in battle, RF constantly vibrates to blur his appearance and the glowing eyes.....wouldn't that be a waste of energy? Before Team Flash figured it out, yes the blurring of image and vibrating of vocal cords was a disguise so they wouldn't figure out RF was Wells/Thawne, but now that he has been outed doesn't that seem like a waste of the precious energy that RF needs to get home and then fully reenergize himself once he is back home?

Yep, it is a waste of energy. It looks cool, but it is a waste of energy. My thought is this: Maybe a different actor is in the suit most of the time and not the actor who plays Wells/Thawne. That could explain why the blur effect is still there. But then another question pops up. Why can't the actor who plays Wells/Thawne be in the suit when the scene calls for it? Why rely on another actor? I cannot answer those.

I think the only conclusion is that the writing staff like the effect so they keep it up.

    Also there are some logic errors about the whole time warp to the past to kill young Barry since that would terminate the Flash existence and then RF has to make the accelerator happen a few years sooner so that he can get home thus altering the timeline already. However those logic errors can be basically put aside when one remembers that RF is a sociopathic killer who is completely obsessed/fixated on destroying Barry Allen. Afterall if RF kills Kid Barry then there is no Flash and hence no Reverse Flash, thus RF is attempting to kill Barry to the point of committing temporal suicide.

Not really. In a past episode Wells/Thawne says that Barry took everything away from him and that he (Wells/Thawne) will now take everything away from Barry. By killing kid Barry, thus stopping him from becoming the Flash, then Wells/Thawne gets everything he lost back. While he never becomes RF, he remains Eabard Thawne and he also remains in the future with everything he had originally lost. And maybe that is a future that RF wants. Which, when you think about it, is pretty selfish.

    Also, if Barry really wants to start being able to trump RF in battle, one he needs to free his mind of doubts, just like Neo in the Matrix. But ALSO, Barry should either use the internet or else a library and get any and all books that teach combat skills, particularly the martial arts. Since Barry can go through books lightning fast and remember everything in it, he should be able to memorize all the combat moves in the books and then put them to some practice at hyperspeed.

    Imagine if say Barry studied any and all books on Jeet Kun Do, the style created by Bruce Lee? How about Thai Kick Boxing or Tae Kwon do? Karate? Judo? Ninjitsu? Akido? If Barry were to do all that plus any books or manuals about military combat training, I bet he could easily defeat RF in battle.

Realistically, Flash SHOULD do this. And if I was the Flash, I know for a fact I would go out and do this exact thing. However, Flash won't ever think of it. It'd be too easy.

How does Barry generate the Speed Force?

How does a GL power ring really work to bend LIGHT to one's will to form beams and objects and defy gravity?

How does Batman, a mortal in a costume, survive everything thrown at him?

How does Superman absorb solar energy and convert it to power?

How does Bruce Banner survive all the mutations he and the HULK have gone through?

How is it that Bruce Banner's can transform to the HULK and back again when he should be in HULK form full time?

How is it that the super adhesive of Spiderman's webs are not always clogging his web shooters?

How is it that Tony Stark can survive tremendous impacts in his IM armor and not be reduced to paste inside the armor?

How DOES the worthiness enchantment on THOR's hammer truly work?

Comic book physics, the physics that kick real life physics where it hurts. \:\)

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