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    1.    AS I posted below in another thread, they have stated that the multiverse is coming in Season 2, hence that is why we just saw the helmet of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash!

And a nice easter egg to boot. Opening up the multiverse will certainly bring about some interesting storytelling. I only hope it doesn't become an overwhelming convoluted mess that makes no sense. Back in 1985, that's why DC rebooted the universe because the Multiverse made no sense. It was all one big mess.

And I'd love to see Jay Garrack. \:D

    2.    RF is currently terminated from existence, however this will have to change and I can think of only one way this will happen and that is for RIP HUNTER to arrive and prevent either Flash from smashing the RF’s time machine, or else stop Eddie from killing himself. This of course will also set up the Legends of Tomorrow

Agreed. \:\)

    3.    As I have stated, Eddie is indeed RF’s direct linear ancestor. This episode confirms that for certain.

My beef with this episode is that the moment Eddie died, everyone should have been wiped from existence. At least to the extent that Barry never became the Flash, etc, etc. But it didn't happen...

    4.    Barry gets to the past and sees the fight with his future self and RF, and his future self signals him TO NOT interfere or save his mother…..perhaps Future Barry knows what would happen. Perhaps Future Barry learned of temporal consequences thanks to Eddie killing himself and also from the time when he went back a day and stopped Weather Wizard, but the bottom line is that Future Barry tells present Barry to NOT save his mother.

Good. I was slack jawed when I watched this episode. I couldn't believe so many were actually rooting for Barry to save his Mom. I was rooting for Barry's Dad (the one in prison) because he was absolutely right. Go back and save Mom, change everything. Change countless things. I'm glad Barry seemed to have realized this and chose not to save his Mom.

    5.    Barry at least gets to say goodbye to his mother and it is a touching scene.

A very touching scene and very well acted. \:\)

It's good that Barry got to say goodbye at least and his Mom saw the man he will become. She died being very proud of him. \:\)

    6.    Barry has realized that he has had a good life despite RF killing his mother.

Which ticked off the RF. He was counting on the fact Barry would save his Mom. I think Wells wanted the timeline changed.

    7.    Barry didn’t even try to adjust things so that his dad wouldn’t be in jail……

He had very little time. And that would also change the timeline. So, I'm glad he didn't.

    8. Cisco is revealed to be a meta human by RF, he can see through the vibrations of time.

At least, that was implied. Now his whole remembering things that never happened makes sense.

    9. Using Doctor Who terminology and going back to what Stein said earlier, one minor change can affect everyone and everything and it is not possible to fully calculate the changes. Thus in Dr. Who terminology, the night Nora dies is a FIXED POINT IN TIME. Per Dr. Who, while time can be changed and yes he changes it a lot, personal timelines and fixed points are things that cannot/must not be changed EVER due to the paradox effect. What we are seeing at the end of this episode is in fact the paradox effect created by Eddie Thawne killing himself and thus terminating RF's existence. This storm is now time' way of absorbing everything in favor of the new timeline that will take over. Temporal Armageddon and Rebirth all at once.

And if Flash prevents this from happening...the Multiverse is born.


    10. When Barry hit Mach 2+ speeds he began to see the Speed Force and saw his past/present/future at once. Remember that Barry already has time warped once without the aid of the accelerator, and while he needed the accelerator for this time jump, it is quite likely that in the future Barry won't need the accelerator for time warp.

Yep, your right. ;\)

Speaking of Mach 2, Caitlyn says Barry never has reached Mach 2 in this episode and I say bullcrap to that. Back when Barry saved Central City from that tidal wave, he went so fast he went back in time. Notice the scene, the lightning that follows Barry when he runs was one continueous stream from one end of the city to the other (or at least the coast of the beach). That's faster than Mach 2. In order to time travel back, even a day, in the past Barry would have to reach the speed of light to rupture the space time continuum and punch a hole through time. Sorry, but Mach 2 isn't gonna cut it, otherwise the SR-71 Blackbird would be traveling through time every time it reached that speed. Sorry Caitlyn, Barry already has reached a speed way beyond that of Mach 2. Lightspeed.

    11. Why did present Barry listen to Future Barry? Simple. His future self knows things that Barry has yet to learn. Barry had to trust his future self even though he knew what would happen. A hard choice, but a necessary one.

Amen to that. \:\)

    12. Team Flash had BETTER HAVE BEEN RECORDING the conversation between RF and Barry at the beginning because that is when RF finally states he killed Nora Allen! edit the recording to protect Barry's identity as the Flash and then show it to the DA! or else show the whole recording and have the DA and the judge seal away knowledge of Barry as the Flash. Either way RF has confessed and this should get his father his freedom.

Only thing is, RF never existed, he got wiped...thus the recording never got made...

Unless Rip Hunter insures RF is saved, no recording will exist.

    13. No mention of whether Gideon was taken from RF or not. I would think it would have been despite the dangers of knowing future knowledge. It is too dangerous to leave it with RF.

Agreed. I think this was a definite oversight by the writers.

    14. The time storm isn't just going to alter the present, it is also likely altering time from 15 years in the past, the point where Nora was killed by RF and then RF absorbs Wells DNA, but also next 136 years of time as RF states he was born 136 years in the future, then add on the years before Thawne becomes RF and starts time warping to fight Barry in the first place. Further proof that saving Nora would be a bad idea as that would alter 15 years of history, but Eddie killing himself to erase RF creates an even worse paradox on top of it all.

Let's hope your right and Rip Hunter saves Eddie and thus RF.

    15. When Barry sees the images in the Speed Force, we see one of Caitlyn as Killer Frost

Hmmm, definitely missed that one. I'm going to have to rewatch the episode again just to see if I can spot it.

    16. Jay's helmet appeared in season 1 episode 23 as Golden age Flash first appeared in Flash issue 123 in the silver age

An even better easter egg than I thought. ;\)

Two thumbs down for the writing team ending this first season on a cliffhanger!
\(no\) \(no\)

Caitlyn doesn't know Barry went past Mach 2 as only Barry remembers that he time warped.

As to everyone should have been instant erased and rewritten immediately, no. There is the ripple effect that can occur when time is changed. Things appear to be normal but then the ripples catch up and things change, or a temporal storm such as the one they are witnessing occurs and THAT is the source of erasure and change.

The 90's X-men cartoon had a two parter where Bishop have to save history by preventing the death of young Xavier. When he went back to get help from the Xmen the time change had caught up to the xmen and their world had changed but the time ripples/changes had not yet reached the year Bishop came from.

Doctor Who: it took all 13 Doctors to do this, but they all teamed up and slightly revised the end of the Time War to save Gallifrey. At the end it turns out that due to the ripple effect and time being out of sycn that only Doc 11 and above would remember and that War Doc and Doc 10 and 9 would think that Gallifrey was nuked.

The immediate effect of RF being erased makes sense as he and Eddie are the focal point of the change. Everything else is the ripple effect.

As to saving his mom, many things would change but would it be for the worse? hard to say. However attempting to time warp to save his mother at the risk of everything is rather selfish to say the least. The noble thing to do was let history take its course. Still stinks though.

I think the multiverse already exists as shown by Jay's helmet appearing. If Rip HUnter doesn't arrive to stop all this from occuring by going back about 10 minutes and prevent Eddie from shooting himself and offering RF a trip home, then I can see Barry stopping the singularity but getting tossed onto Earth 2 for a time.

Once RF is restored, the recording if ti was made will be there. henry could be freed.