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Subj: Re: What in the world did I just see? (MAJOR spoilers)
Posted: Thu May 21, 2015 at 11:56:20 am BST (Viewed 320 times)
Reply Subj: What in the world did I just see? (MAJOR spoilers)
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Okay. Thawne is undone. Or is he? Eddie's body's gone. Was he really dead yet? If not, why did Thawne vanish? If he was, then why is Barry still The Flash? The whole timeline should have fallen apart if Thawne was erased from existence. The death of the real Wells and his wife shouldn't have happened, the reactor accident shouldn't have happened, and Barry shouldn't have become The Flash, at least not this early. (And the metas should have come along later somehow, but not now?)

WHY IN THE WORLD did future Flash tell Barry, apparently by raising his hand, "Don't save mom"? WHAT in the world happened?

Why did what's obviously JAY's helmet come out of the wormhole?

Was there another Flash we've (and they've!) never heard about?

Thawne knew exactly what that helmet was, and said it was an indicator he had to get out of there right away. WHY?

- - -

I know nobody here can answer most of these, and we'll all find out in time...hopefully...but please, as for number 2, can someone please tell me what happened and why Nora wasn't saved?

We already know...and so does Barry...that he still became The Flash in the timeline where his mother lived. WHY did he stop himself? I mean, he goes as far as to get back there, and then doesn't save her. What changed his mind so suddenly? Why'd the "older" one do that?

Help me out here, if anyone understands this better than I do. Please.

if that was really jay Garrick helmete that came through the wormgate, then it had connected to either an alternate past history of an earth where there was the JSA, or else just maybe Smallsville earth!

And if the RF was really erased from all history, then the basic problem would be that the real dr wells still lives on, and that he will not complete and turn on his machine until 2020, and does that mean that barry becomes the Flash at that time, and that the crisis event is somehow tied into RF finding a way to undo his demise then?

And was eddie really dead when he got sucked into the wormhole, or just knocked out?

And why didn't barry save his mother, and why did the future Flash stop him from doing that?

And if the time line history was really eliminated, then there should be no Flash, no metahumons, etc!

Just hope that they pln to bring RF back, as he is the best thing on the show!