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Subj: Re: Theory on Wells/Thawne's reasoning behind supporting Barry to save his Mom [SPOILERS]
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Reply Subj: Theory on Wells/Thawne's reasoning behind supporting Barry to save his Mom [SPOILERS]
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If you haven't seen the episode yet, then please watch it before reading this post. Thank you


Wells/Thawne got visibly upset when he learned Barry hadn't saved his mother and then the two fought where Reverse Flash almost kills Barry (and would have if Eddie hadn't shot himself).

Here's my "theory" on why Wells/Thawne got mad and was all for Barry saving his Mother.

1. We know in the end of the episode, a singularity appears and begins consuming the city. This was a result of Eddie killing himself which resulted in Reverse Flash never existing, which in turn resulted in the forming of the singularity which would probably wipe out the timeline if Barry doesn't succeed in destroying it.

2. Wells/Thawne wanted Barry to go back and save his Mom, but remember Wells/Thawne HATES Barry. I think he had a double agenda here.

3. Let's say Barry DID save his mother by fighting Reverse Flash. Reverse Flash either kills Barry or either Barry manages to get away. Either way, the future Barry knew is gone forever because a singularity would appear over Central City and consume it (and probably the timeline) even as Wells/Thawne makes his get-away with his Time Sphere. Thus, Wells/Thawne gets his revenge.

4. If Barry had saved his Mom then he wouldn't have been able to return to the future because the singularity would have formed over Central City and consumed it and possibly that future. Thus, Barry would be stuck in the past just as Thawne was (or be dead).

I know my theory has holes in it and feel free to poke holes in it. *Laughs* When dealing with time travel, there's bound to be problems, no matter how well one looks at the angles.

And there you have it. That's my theory as to why Wells/Thawne wanted Barry to go save his Mom and then got furious when Barry chose not to do it to the point of nearly killing him.

One final note: Wells/Thawne states he is from 136 years in the future. That would place him being from the year 2151. Obviously the writers didn't do enough research. Eobard Thawne is from the 25th century not the 22nd century. Here's hoping Wells/Thawne was simply lying. And until I see solid proof he wasn't, I'm going to assume he was.

Trying to think the logic through...

Killing Nora is something Reverse-Flash/Wells has already done, it is in his past. Sending/willing young Barry to save Nora would create a theoretical paradox if Barry did so and also insure(?) The Reverse-Flash didn't stop The Flash's original timeline, hence a Barry full of confidence and a Reverse-Flash who doesn't get stuck in the past because he neglected to consider the ramifications of blocking The Flash's origin. So possibly Reverse-Flash/Wells is hoping that sending Young Barry to do this is an additional guarantee of him getting home to the future. I certainly do not think he had any desire to trigger the wormhole as that not only endangers his own life but obliterates his future - Eddie shooting himself as he did was a dangerous enough possibility, never mind destroying the city and planet!

You have to wonder what would have happened to Barry if he did save his mom, would he cease to exist as none of it ever happens? What happened to Future-Flash when he saved Kid-Barry? We know from Barry's experience in stopping the Weather Wizard that only the time-traveller remembers the original reality he altered, just as Reverse-Flash is the only one to remmember the original timeline HE altered, so if Barry had saved his mom then...? He ceases to exist or travels back to the future, where he meets his other self who never had to travel back in time to save Mom as Mom never died?!!

No, I don't know what Reverse-Flash/Wells was thinking either. \:\-\!