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Subj: Re: Theory on Wells/Thawne's reasoning behind supporting Barry to save his Mom [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed May 27, 2015 at 09:26:07 am BST (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Theory on Wells/Thawne's reasoning behind supporting Barry to save his Mom [SPOILERS]
Posted: Tue May 26, 2015 at 10:57:21 pm BST (Viewed 427 times)

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Trying to think the logic through...

Killing Nora is something Reverse-Flash/Wells has already done, it is in his past. Sending/willing young Barry to save Nora would create a theoretical paradox if Barry did so and also insure(?) The Reverse-Flash didn't stop The Flash's original timeline, hence a Barry full of confidence and a Reverse-Flash who doesn't get stuck in the past because he neglected to consider the ramifications of blocking The Flash's origin. So possibly Reverse-Flash/Wells is hoping that sending Young Barry to do this is an additional guarantee of him getting home to the future. I certainly do not think he had any desire to trigger the wormhole as that not only endangers his own life but obliterates his future - Eddie shooting himself as he did was a dangerous enough possibility, never mind destroying the city and planet!

You have to wonder what would have happened to Barry if he did save his mom, would he cease to exist as none of it ever happens? What happened to Future-Flash when he saved Kid-Barry? We know from Barry's experience in stopping the Weather Wizard that only the time-traveller remembers the original reality he altered, just as Reverse-Flash is the only one to remmember the original timeline HE altered, so if Barry had saved his mom then...? He ceases to exist or travels back to the future, where he meets his other self who never had to travel back in time to save Mom as Mom never died?!!

No, I don't know what Reverse-Flash/Wells was thinking either. \:\-\!

If Barry did save Nora, there would have been a time storm/paradox as the time stream corrected itself from the change that RF had made by killing Nora.

What would have changed? Unknown. We know that Barry would still be the Flash and the metahumans would still arise, RF just made it happen sooner.

Future Barry telling present Barry to not save Nora was likely due to Future Barry having a better understanding of time travel and all of its ramifications then young Barry presently does.

Also RF wasn't fully disclosing information about the worm hole and the fact that Barry had 1 minute 52 seconds to save Nora or the wormhole would become uncontrollable. If it weren't for Professor Stein, I doubt RF would have mentioned the time limit.

Honestly I think RF understands more about time travel then he was letting on and likely understands the concept of alternate timelines. It is possible that he felt Barry would stay too long, the wormhole wipes out the time line but RF is safe back in his own time line.

Eddie shooting himself to stop RF was something that RF hadn't counted on. With Eddie being dead, RF is erased and the time storm/singularity begins.

Reference the end of Season 2 of Beast Wars and observe the time storm created when Megatron mortally wounded Optimus Prime.

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