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    Episode opens with Barry talking to RF in his containment cell.

    We learn he is born 136 years into the future and that he killed Nora because he hates Barry. He won’t clarify why they were enemies. He states they couldn’t beat eachother until RF learned Barry was the Flash. Once he learned Barry was the Flash he determined to kill Barry as a kid and wipe him from existence. Also as I suspected, Barry saves his kid self and thus RF killed Nora out of spite thinking that the tragedy would stop Barry from being the Flash. However due to being so far back in time, RF lost his connection to the Speed Force and thus realized that the only way home was THE FLASH. Thus he needed to ensure Barry still becomes the Flash.

It was thoroughly enjoyable. I can't fault it as an episode as it hit every mark, gave every character a fine moment, and raised several fascinating questions for forthcoming stories to address.
One of the first intriguing points was in Doctor Wells' confession in the opening minutes, his vendetta with The Flash despite him being from over a century in the future... what motivates Thawne we still don't really know. What piqued my interest is that he admits to having an ongoing feud with the Flash and they fought for some years(?) with neither being able to fully defeat the other, Thawne then drops an odd fact in that this rivalry shifts focus when he finds out The Flash's real name ifs Barry Allen?
That was such an odd detail it stood out to me - Thawne is from over a century in the future, so does one assume therefore Barry's secret is never made public and The Flash dies taking the secret with him? And that no one talks. Why then does Thawne hate/fixate on some anonymous costumed do-gooder who died a century before him? It doesn't really make sense to me. But then with so much unknown about this past of Thawne's I can only assume anything is possible...

Tom Cavanagh is an amazing and charismatic actor, perhaps the real star of this debut season, and despite the mind bending paradoxes this episode plays with I am sure we will see him again as he is just too good (and popular) not to! Is Eddie really dead for instance? I note in his last seconds his eyes are open and then closed as the wormhole pulls him through, possibly he might just be back from where-ever the hole leads... this at least might offer the reason Eobard Thawne survives. Of course this being a show about a massive time paradox and rewriting reality such reasons are probobly irrelevant to bringing Reverse-Flash back, indeed given Eobard ceases to exist one would assume all of his meddling would as well, therefore an additional clue he survives this...

That was my though too, as Eddie seemed to not yet actually died, so why would he not be sucked up and dropped in some other earth, and maybe he then became RF?

And DR Wells would still be alive in this revised history, wouldn't he now?

yet the Flash would not even exist yet...

And that jay garrick helmet, does that mean the COIE is the Crisis event barry had to stop?

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