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Perhaps though if Eddie isn't dead...?

It can only be a theory, but then the producers decided on having Eddie Thawne end his own life the obvious outcome would be to unravel the whole series, this is a basic fact in them going that very deliberate route, so either Eddie's death wasn't what it appeared and he goes through the wormhole where he gets revived, or alternately by creeating that very Wormhole the Flash and Reverse-Flash unknowingly created a knot in time that preserved Eobard's actions while erasing or banishing him from existence in the 21st century.
While we know an alternate earth's Doctor Wells is due this series there seems little reason to think he isn't anyone but a normal Harrison Wells, so given Eobard Thawne's position as The Flash's arch enemy and the necessity of his return someday I hold the view that Eobard will have survived by some fluke in time-travel and so another valid reason why history has remained unchanged despite last season's resolution...

Well time travel is fictional until science determines otherwise, but that being said there have been somethings I have observed from assorted sci fi shows

1. If you are the CAUSE of a change in history, or even at the epicenter of the change, you retain your memories of what once was but time will still shift and alter accordingly.

Terminator 2: they delayed judgement day and still went off the old data for when it would occur until T3 or Sara Connor Chronicles gave the new date.

2. Sometimes you get glimpses of what WILL happen if certain things in the present AND the past are not fulfilled: BABYLON 5 Season 1, 2 and the Season 3 two parter that wrapped up the Valen arc is an example of this.

3. Sometimes a change occurs and only fragments of what was, remains. Case in point, their memories of RF and this vid file, but that file is a paradox in itself in that since RF was erased with the death of Eddie, that file could not have been made, etc. However sometimes there is an unsolvable paradox such as this vid file.

Also the glasses Kirk got for a gift in Wrath of Khan, they get damaged then taken to the past to be traded for money at a pawn shop. were they repaired and passed down through years to go back to Kirk?

From what I have seen and heard so far it sounds like the series is picking up AFTER Barry stops the time storm, so perhaps Rip HUnter doesn't yet appear and things appear to be stabilized. But some things have altered and some have not.

By all rights his mom should be alive and his dad never in jail but I suspect this won't be the case.

Better yet HERE is possible plot twist to really scramble the fans, due to instabilities in the FUTURE TIME stream with the erasing of RF, Rip Hunter must travel back to UNDO Eddie's death and Barry of the post time storm era tries to stop him as restoring RF would be bad in his eyes despite any future time stream problems.

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