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    Well the title pretty much says it all, GRODD is back.

    Wells 2 wants to go home to fight Zoom on Earth 2 and doesn't care what the others have to say.

    Barry's physical injuries are healing but his PTSD is another matter. He feels beaten and humiliated and feels the city no longer believes in him.

    Joe can't snap Barry out of it, so Iris does the only thing that can help. She calls Barry's father, HENRY ALLEN to come to Star Labs.

I wonder how she got that number. He probably didn't even have a cell phone before he left town.

    Henry arrives and talks with Barry. Barry at this point is mobile but uses a cane and cant run on the treadmill without freaking out and collapsing. Henry reviews all the medical scans (remember Henry IS a Doctor) and confirms that there is no more physical damage, Barry has healed and doesn't even need physical therapy. So he and Barry have a heart to heart father/son talk about things.

    Meanwhile GRODD is on the rampage and is stealing chemicals that when combined can boost intelligence and he mind controls Caitlyn to come to his hide out to help him. They speak and it turns out that Grodd is lonely and wants more like him.

Like most criminal masterminds the villainy is a result of not being laid. If villains and terrorists got laid more the world would be happy.

    Wells 2 decides to stick around and comes up with an algorithm to track Grodd. Barry is not up to speed yet so Wells 2 decides the only course of action is to trick Grodd and suits up in a remaining REVERSE FLASH Costume! Upon seeing him, Barry dashes to him and starts to strangle him until he is reminded that this isn't really Revere Flash. This is when Henry learns of Earth 2 and counter parts, etc.

Maybe I'm dim but I thought this episode kind of contradicted an early episode.

I thought the 52 portals on Earth-1 all led to different Earths....not 52 different points on Earth-2. Did I mishear the earlier episode?

    Cisco supplies ear plugs to block mind control to Wells 2 and they rehearse how he should speak to Grodd. It almost works except Wells 2 is being polite and Grodd remembers his father doesn't ask but TAKES. He smacks Wells 2 around, mind controls Caitlyn again but Cisco sticks ear plugs on her and they escape. Wells stuns Grodd with some chemicals and flees with them.

    Back at Star Labs, Barry is back on his feet and walking normally now.

    Wells 2 tells them there is a place on his Earth where Gorillas that were experimented on live in a refuge. The portals on Earth 1 all link to other locations around the world of Earth 2, and he pinpoints the one that links to........GORILLA CITY!

    The trap is set and with Caitlyn as bait, Grodd is caught in it but Flash has to swallow his fears and do a hyperspeed punch to knock Grodd into the portal and he is gone.

    Back at Star Labs, Henry shakes hands with Wells and preps to depart. Team Flash talks about destroying the RF costume but Barry takes the REVERSE FLASH RING from it and asks Cisco if he can do something with it so that he doesn't have to carry his costume in a backpack anymore. Wells 2 offers to help.

    Cisco tries to date Kendra early on, but gets a Vibe about Hawkman and leaves her to investigate the possibility of a bird man or angel in the city.

    Later he apologizes to her and their date resumes and he vibes in again as they kiss only this time it is HAWKGIRL that he vibes on. Yes, Kendra is Hawkgirl and this is more build up to Legends of Tomorrow.

    Barry, Henry, Joe and Iris chat for awhile at home then Henry departs. He does state earlier he has been camping and fishing quite a bit.

    Patti is getting more suspicious and doesn't believe Barry was out sick thanks to Joe and Barry's stories not synching up. Joe warns Barry that Patti isn't dumb. So we are getting close to where she will have to learn Barry is the Flash.

    Episode ends with Grodd arriving on Earth 2 and sees Gorilla City and he roars......can't tell if it is an angry roar or not. But Grodd is alive and this was perhaps the most humane thing they could do for him since Grodd's existence is the result of deliberate experimentation and that he didn't ask to become a telepathic Gorilla.

I really like that Gorilla City exists on Earth-2. Plus I love that bit that it's where all the other apes who have been experimented on by mad scientists have been dumped. (kind of reminded me of a Venture Bros episode where Venturestein recruits all the other mad scientist experiments abandoned in the Amazon Jungle)

I really wanted to see Gorilla City but it would seem weird if it existed on Earth-1 and no one knew about it.

    Also I was right again when I pointed out that the Reverse Flash ring from Season 1 was one of the many paradoxes in the series. RF had his in the future because Flash had his own in the past and Flash had his own in the past after analyzing RF's own ring. Paradox.

But that's not exactly a paradox is it?

Eobard had his ring in the future because the 2020 Barry from HIS timeline (Earth-0?) had it not because Earth-1 2013-2015 Barry had it. The source of the ring isn't 2013-2015 Barry or Eobard (the variables in the paradox)'s 2020 Barry who really invented it.

(come to think of it Eddie dying's not a paradox either...but if that's not a paradox then Eobard shouldn't have been affected by Eddie killing himself...argh this show's time travel rules need to be made clear)

Well cellphones did exist at the time of Nora's murder, albeit smart phones may be something new to Henry. Still one would think that Barry or Joe would have tossed Henry a burner phone at the very least.

Well Grodd wanting more like him makes sense, he is alone in our world as he is the result of scientific tampering with the natural order of his existence.

I need to recheck what they said, it is possible that they didn't know where all 52 portals went to until Wells 2 confirmed it in this episode.

Yes, the way Earth 1 has been set up so far, Gorilla City really couldn't exist and it is best that they use Earth 2 for certain classic locations such as Gorilla City and Atlantis.

No, the ring is a paradox. The future ring inspires them to create the ring here and now which would in turn inspire RF to make it in the future except for the major paradox disruption that has occurred with Eddie ending himself and erasing the Reverse Flash.

In Dr Whovian terms, Eddie's death is a major disruption to the fixed points in time that have occurred and should have occurred. Those fixed points being all the encounters with the Reverse Flash, especially since they all involved the fact that RF comes from a century or so ahead in time in the first place. Now all that time travel has not occurred and cannot occur and thus all the future fights Barry should have had with RF are negated due to the fact that RF no longer exists and technically speaking never will exist with the death of Eddie.

Time was going to be altered considerably due to the time storm that occurred but Flash and Firestorm neutralized it thus allegedly stabilizing the present but the temporal repercussions have yet to be fully felt and there should still be ripples occurring that will affect the future and not in a good way.

I would NOT be surprised if when Rip Hunter arrives that after the Legends of Tomorrow get started that he then tells Barry and Team Flash, "Yeah about Eddie and the Reverse Flash........ they need to be restored". I can just imagine how THAT conversation will go.

I foresee the entire Team Flash having a serious look of "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" on their faces \:\)

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