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      Having not seen the episode as yet it does seem to raise a question as to whether Barry had lost his speed thanks to the Wells formua or had it just temprarily dampened.

    From my interpretation, I think Barry's speed probably got dampened temporarily. I saw no evidence to the contrary so we are left to assume.

    The episode takes place a week after Barry got beaten by Zoom, so during that time Barry was healing. By the events of the episode it was clear that Barry had healed completely and he was just mentally blocking his speed because he lost confidence in himself. That's how I looked at it.

You are probobly correct in that; reviewing some of the key scenes in the Zoom story I note that when the singularity opened over Earth-2 as Zoom was finishing with Jay we learn that Jay was sucked through the portal and that it was the passage through the portal that took his speed - not Zoom. So as you say with concerns to Barry I would apply to Jay as well... I think his speed is fine, but the trauma and fear mean its his subconcious and denial that is blocking its use. When you look at Jay's experiences they follow the same pattern as Barry's, a crushing defeat by the monstrous bogeyman that is Zoom, but in Barrys case his confidence was initially greater than Jays was as he had experience with The Reverse-Flash, his initial meetings with Reverse-Flash was very much the same experience Jay had with Zoom and would stand him in good stead. But clearly when they finally meet we and Barry are stunned to see that Zoom is on another level to Reverse-Flash. Without the pre-run of a Reverse-Flash Jay was always going to be put into a position where he would have to fight for his life against Zoom, though that it took 2 years for them to finally have aan all-or-nothing battle is an interesting point that either suggests Jay was running away as Wells accused him of, or that Jay was that good he was able to fight off his opponent repeatedly and survive. For quite a while.

Zoom could be anybody. When Jay described how hw was pulled through the singularity It was reminiscent of the way Eddie Thawne was pulled through on this end, I would be tempted to suggest Zoom is a revived Eddie, but the timings of his death and Zoom's appearance don't match. Still, I remain half convinced Eddie has somehow survived. Chiefly the way his exit was handled and the fact that if he survived somehow by his trip through the portal and was revived on the other side it would mean Eobard Thawne would be ressurected in the timestream and be due a return at some point in the future. It would also explain why the Presentday has not altered retroactively - he is destined to be ressurected, hence no paradox exists by his seeming wipe out last seasons end.

Ah, Theories! \(beer\)

That would make sense, as Eddie did nit fukkt died before getting sucjed in, so mayne he absorbed somehow that energy and became like a sentient force being then?