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It has always been a concern to me that everything in this series has been founded on a time paradox - Thawne's time-travelling and manipulation alterd time to create a manufactured timeline whih we have had since episode 1. Without that Particle Accelerator accident Thawne engineered just what was The Flash's origin originally...?
Which brings us to the ring... given Thawne was from Barry's future is it not possible, likely even, that the ring originally belonged to Barry Allen, the original Barry?
So what we are seeing unfold is a paradox. Its a shame really as I always liked the Idea Barry was clever enough as a Scientist to create his own Ring in the same way Stan Lee had Peter Parker Invent his web-shooters and fluid. It is possibly the one downside of the television format, that it is an ensemble cast and Barry therfoore lacks his independence and therefore the urge for self-sufficiency.

Still wondering how that Crisi event of will factor all in!

When flash disa[[ears. mayne he comes back [er[etually in a time loop paradox?