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    Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if they did more harm then good by stopping the time storm. Rip Hunter may well decree that RF must be restored to heal the time line and the only way to do that is go back and stop Eddie from shooting himself to stop RF.

I really hope so because from my perspective, season 2 makes no sense since it shouldn't even exist.

    Best thing would be that Rip uses his powers to freeze RF as he is fighting Barry in the particle accelerator then freeze Eddie in time for a moment, relieve Eddie of his gun and then zap RF home.

Let's hope this happens.

    The writers appear on the surface to have played fast and loose with time travel and paradoxes or they have yet to reveal their full plans.

I'll give them until the end of this season to reveal those plans and explain how season 2 even exists right now. If we fans aren't given a satisfying answer, it's only going to hurt the show in the end and it'll become worse for it.

Well Time Travel is currently a concept of fiction and it will be a long time before we ever obtain the ability to time travel.

Thus the rules of Time Travel are rather.....fluid.

The now finished TV series CONTINUUM posed in the first episodes that by going to the past the hero and villains may have already altered things or that they are there to create the future that they come from. It also showed that when time is altered that two of the same person can exist.

Star Trek: that franchise has played fast and loose with Time travel and has shown that there are alternate timelines for the actions we choose or not choose and that changing the past will change the present (when Enterprise C came forward, or when McCoy went back and by saving one person's life he forever altered things until Kirk and Spock went back to intercept him)

Dr Who: the rules of time travel in this long running franchise have been established, reestablished, ignored, violated, conveniently forgotten, etc over the 50+ years it has existed. The Doctors have stated they are not to change historical events and that such events cannot and should not be changed, yet the Doctor still steps in to thwart whatever evil is afoot thus altering the present and reshaping the future.

So the writers of this show may have a huge temporal plan in mind, or else they have just gone fast and loose with the rules of time travel.

By all rights, even though the time storm was contained and shut down, since RF was erased, no one should remember him and everything he did should be negated. Nora Allen should still be alive (unless age or disease gets her), Henry would never be in jail. Barry still becomes the Flash just later on, there should be no spare RF costume or RF RING laying around but there are. However that can all be excused by the fact that the time storm was in fact aborted and shut down before all the revisions occurred.

However, the FUTURE could easily be in jeopardy. With out Eobard Thawne in the FUTURE to become RF and start time traveling and fighting the Flash and then going back to ensure Flash is created, etc, what kind of major time paradox is forming? As I recall, before the original Crisis, Barry does kill Reverse Flash (accidentally) but the affect of RF dying in the past caused some temporal problems rather then dying in the future after he was born.

So the writers may well be going in a similar direction.

Also in Season 1 RF does tell Barry when he accidentally time warped to 24 hours prior that whatever he has changed, something worse or at least as bad will still occur.

Now by erasing RF from existence, things have changed and now they have something worse in that there are dimensional breaches and ZOOM is running around.

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