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Since creating CGI animation like Gorilla Grodd is pretty expensive, it was pretty clever to have Barry fight Zoom, lose the fight and become paralyzed where he cannot use his speed. That saves money for Grodd. As a result, this episode has some pretty good characterization throughout.

The episode opens with Barry taking about six slow steps before he cannot continue. I cannot even begin to imagine what Barry must be going through. But he must be masking his emotions pretty well from the others with the kind of pain he must surely be feeling. He had been the Flash then got his butt kicked in a very humiliating way before being paralyzed. That is a recipe for bring an emotional wreck but somehow, Barry holds it together better than I would if I had been in his position. Even still, a bit later in the episode, the tests come back and say everything is fine with Barry. I think now, at this point, the only thing preventing Barry from having his speed is Barry himself. He needs to believe in himself again.

It takes balls to put on a spare Reverse Flash suit in order to try and rescue Caitlin, especially since Harry is going in without back-up. I am starting to like Harry, he’s growing on me and isn’t such a jerk anymore.

Bringing in Henry Allen to talk to Barry was a brilliant move considering what Barry went through or rather what both went through. A pep talk from dear ol’ dad lays it all out and Barry needs to embrace what was done to him and accept it. It’s how Barry can improve being a hero and become a better hero because of it.

I knew Barry would get his speed back and just in time to beat Grodd and not only that but banishing him to another world where it’s as close to home as possible. on top of that, Harry reveals that other apes like Grodd were sent there. So, it is a nice nod to Gorilla City even if it wasn’t specifically named. Barry needed this victory since he never officially beat Grodd in their first encounter. This should be a pretty big confidence booster.

Patty Spivott, you forgive Barry so readily after lying to you? I can buy that, but it’s a little too perfect. We need to see a few bumps in this blooming relationship.

I knew Barry would get his speed back so soon and I am glad it didn’t take a few episodes or better yet, the rest of the season.

All in all, a very nice episode. 4 out of 5 stars.

There was an awful lot in this episode, all good! Thanks to John Shipps performance Henry Allen is such a charismatic character It is a shame a more permanent space can't be found for him, meanwhile Harrison Wells continues to intrigue and grow on us - the eerie mimicry of Eobard Thawne's death threat to Cisco was bound to be as uncomfortable for Cisco as it was for us out here watching on, up until now Wells has not been able to convince that he is trustworthy, thanks to his bravery and genorosity this episode that has all begun to change. And yet.... \(fear\)
Barry's emotional trauma is perfectly understandable throughout events here, part shame over his inability to match Zoom and prevent his own humiliation in front of his city, and part self-doubt over whether he is really any good at this to begin with. These have been aspects of his character since episode 1, but thanks to the support of his friends and the team he is in an excellent place to be able to deal with the violent events of the last few days and begin looking forward once again. Indeed looking forward is very much the theme of this story - with Grodd struggling to find a meaning to his existence and finally moving on, albeit forcibly, to something perhaps better. Henry determined to get out in the world again and find his way forward. Harrison Wells caught in a difficult decision and concluding for the moment he is best staying here and working with these new and worthy allies to fight Zoom... yes, a lot is progressed here, even Cisco's love life looks viable again! Well, for a little while.

I loved the brief shot at the three-quarter mark as while monitoring CTV Grodd rounds the building and we see the timelapsed image, very effective and surreal moment. It does seem to be hinted that the 52 portals in Central City connect to different universe, not just Earth-2, I wonder if that is reading too much into it...?