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Subj: Re: FLASH Season 2 Episode 8 part 1 of the seasonal crossover with ARROW
Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 at 06:08:51 am GMT (Viewed 3 times)
Reply Subj: Re: FLASH Season 2 Episode 8 part 1 of the seasonal crossover with ARROW
Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 at 11:18:36 pm GMT (Viewed 311 times)


    You do make some good point, but your forgetting one very important detail. Kendra has barely started to date Cisco, so hardly even knows the guy nor has she earned the right to know Barry's secret. She is a practical stranger for all intents and purposes and he just blurts out Barry is the Flash. Circumstances forced the issue of Barry's ID revealed to Kendra sooner than it should have been.

I gladly concede Kendra.

But was past time for her to know. I get in classic comics damsels in distress didn't know stuff for decades but modern women have things like opinions, feelings and dignity. You can't lie to them for 10 years and expect them to want to be around you.

And did they tell Linda too soon? Yes. BUT it wasn't like he had a choice. He was asking her to put her life on the line. One thing I hate about super heroes in general is when their friendships with people screw up the friends lives and the superheroes just keep on lying to the's borderline abusive. Like it would have been nice if Spider-Man leveled with Liz Allen about being Spider-Man after Harry died.

Like most of the major people who know...I've agreed with the decision to tell them even if does ruin the secret identity stuff.

    Then there is the fact that Barry, unmasked, zoomed in and sat on a chair in front of someone who did not know who he was in Flash's first crossover episode, which was absolutely stupid of him to do so.

    And then Felicity blurts out his name right in front of Malcolm Merlyn, a villain, who had no right to know nor did he earn that right because he didn't.

Felicity is the worst at keeping secrets. I thought her lack of boundaries on the Arrow episode tonight made her detestable.

Like in tonight's Arrow episode I half expected her to go stalk Oliver's baby momma.

    Then Barry reveals his identity to his childhood bully just to rub it in his face, which was (at the time) a STUPID decision (but thankfully the Colossus rip-off died later).

I had forgotten this one...valid point on this guy.

    I wouldn't be complaining so much if Barry would simply STOP taking his mask off or his identity being revealed in front of "strangers" or villains or people he barely knows ALL the time. So yes, if this keeps up, he will need a massive mind wipe just keep his identity hidden.

I agree...minor characters and guest stars aren't entitled. But the people who he has a deep relationship with kind of need to know (and I'm not even counting Patty...they aren't there yet) or if it's a situation like Linda where he's asking a friend to risk their life to suit his manipulative agenda.