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Subj: Re: Barry's mental state and power levels
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okay so from Season 1 and 2, Barry has now time warped a total of 3 times.

The second one was planned and utilized the particle accelerator where Barry hit Mach2 speed and hit the particle to create the wormhole for RF to go home.

The first and third one however were both at times when a great catastrophe was occurring.

Weather Wizard creating a Tsunami to destroy the city
Vandal Savage nuking the Team Arrow+Team Flash+the entire city.

In both cases Barry was running for his life as well as trying to save everyone and he hits time warp speeds and goes back 24 hours both times and manages to alter things.

The first time when he went and stopped Weather Wizard (and inadvertently saved Cisco), RF warned him that whatever disaster he averted, fate/time will conspire to make something just as bad or worse. Later in that episode, Cisco was abducted and forced to out Barry to Captain Cold. Thus Barry and Cold have their agreement.

This latest time, Barry tells Oliver that William is his kid, no DNA test was run in this revised timeline and thus Felicity does not know and doesn't go ballistic on Oliver. Also Oliver revises the plan, rechecks the special gauntlets, they get the Nth metal, alter how to awaken hawkgirl and turn Vandal Savage to ashes. Thus no one dies and the city isn't nuked. Oliver speaks to his ex and becomes the new family friend to the kid and cannot publicly claim him or tell the others. No cosmic/karmic consequences.......YET.

Anyway, the point is this: RF stated to Barry that he was the one holding himself back.

And RF is correct.

However I suspect that most of Barry's problems are due to all the trauma he has endured.

1. Bullied by other kids before and after his Mom's murder.
2. Father framed and sent to jail.
3. He witnessed his mother's murder, much like how Bruce Wayne saw his parents murdered.
4. He repressed his love for IRIS for a long time.
6. He gains super powers. (that IS a shock for most people wouldn't you say?)
7. He slowly but surely learns that it was all due to the sociopathic Reverse Flash who was also serving as his mentor and friend.
8. RF plays with Barry's head and at the same time coaches and trains him in his powers.
9. RF induces a near hypnotic state in Barry's mind so that Barry can phase for the first time,
10. Barry struggles to clear his father's name is continually frustrated by RF
11. Barry finally gets the chance to go back and save his mom, but his older self there signals him to not.
12. Barry comforts his mother and watches her die and the comes back to the present fighting mad to face RF but still can't take him on.

Yet Barry's desire to save everyone, combined I'm sure with a strong sense of FEAR and self preservation allowed him to accidentally hit time warp speeds twice and change a day each time.

Barry needs few barrels of prozac and zoloft combined and a few months of therapy.

I wish his speed and capability was clearer defined, for instance how does hitting Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) trigger time-travel? What else is going on there to allow that...?
But you are right that Barry limits himself, it has been strongly suggested in the series before that he is failing to fully embrace his potential. The Reverse-Flash is the one responsible for much of it as he very deliberately waged psychological war on Barry right from childhood and so when he comes in to his destiny as The Flash he isn't the same person as he would have been without the manipulation of Reverse-Flash. Of course though Barry as tortured soul is all good drama (forced drama at that) and I have little doubt that as with Clark Kent over the course of Smallville we will see The Flash grow up fulfull his potential by the time the series finally concludes. And therein is the point of course...
This is an ensemble cast television show, having Barry be fully capable, independent, and innovative in his approach as he was in his original series runs counter to the needs of drama and the need for that support cast. Plus he is just starting out after all. In a way though with Reverse-Flash overcome and his father exonerated and free one might think Barry would be on the way to believing in himself more, but the psychological scars left by Thawne have been there since childhood, he wasn't able to stop Thawne on his own, he was soundly beaten by Zoom, he is still relying on Cisco & Co rather than flying free... at some point he is going to have to win his own victories if he is to truly start to feel capable in himself and serve as The Flash in an independent manner. He must be the one in charge, and not deferring to others for every obstacle and dilemma.

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