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Subj: mach 2 and time travel.
Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 at 08:57:48 am GMT (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Barry's mental state and power levels
Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 at 07:03:34 am GMT (Viewed 314 times)

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I wish his speed and capability was clearer defined, for instance how does hitting Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) trigger time-travel? What else is going on there to allow that...?
But you are right that Barry limits himself, it has been strongly suggested in the series before that he is failing to fully embrace his potential. The Reverse-Flash is the one responsible for much of it as he very deliberately waged psychological war on Barry right from childhood and so when he comes in to his destiny as The Flash he isn't the same person as he would have been without the manipulation of Reverse-Flash. Of course though Barry as tortured soul is all good drama (forced drama at that) and I have little doubt that as with Clark Kent over the course of Smallville we will see The Flash grow up fulfull his potential by the time the series finally concludes. And therein is the point of course...
This is an ensemble cast television show, having Barry be fully capable, independent, and innovative in his approach as he was in his original series runs counter to the needs of drama and the need for that support cast. Plus he is just starting out after all. In a way though with Reverse-Flash overcome and his father exonerated and free one might think Barry would be on the way to believing in himself more, but the psychological scars left by Thawne have been there since childhood, he wasn't able to stop Thawne on his own, he was soundly beaten by Zoom, he is still relying on Cisco & Co rather than flying free... at some point he is going to have to win his own victories if he is to truly start to feel capable in himself and serve as The Flash in an independent manner. He must be the one in charge, and not deferring to others for every obstacle and dilemma.

RF stated Barry would have to be mach 2 in the particle accelerator when he hits the particle to form the wormhole.

At that speed Barry was starting to see things via the speed force, but I don't believe he was warping through time yet, he was seeing things and focusing on his goal, then he hits the particle and the wormhole sends him back and is open for RF to use his machine to go home.

But in the case of the Tsunami and Savage nuking the city, we do not know how fast Barry was traveling.

IN the original time line as the Tsunami formed, Caitlyn told Barry he'd have to run faster then ever and he does and triggers time warp. But how fast he was going is not known as he prevents the event that made him time jump in the first place so Caitlyn wasn't clocking his speed as there was no Tsunami for Barry to stop.

When Savage goes Nuclear and wipes them all out, Barry is out running an energy shockwave. Presuming that the shockwave is at or NEAR light speed then Barry would have had to hit light speed velocities and achieve time warp.  the only thought on his mind at this point was likely "I must live and stop Savage!" thus he instinctively homed in on where and when to emerge from time warp to alter things.  Also again at this event no one is available to clock Barry's speed.

So as far as Team Flash knows, Mach 2 is his limit but they are associating it with time travel in error due to the particle accelerator and the wormhole.

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