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Subj: Re: Flash Season 2 Ep 9 Running to Stand Still
Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 at 02:00:59 am GMT (Viewed 4 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Flash Season 2 Ep 9 Running to Stand Still
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    Episode ends with ZOOM confronting Wells 2. Wells 2 has figured out Zoom's plan about sending the metas after Barry. Turns out Zoom wants Barry to be faster and full of more and more speed force so that when he drains and kills Barry it will be all the better. Zoom shows him his daughter then zips her away and asks if they have a deal. Wells agrees that for the life of his daughter he will help ZOOM steal Flash's speed.

Zoom's master plan for Barry sounds an aweful lot like how Reverse Flash wanted Barry to be faster so Dr. Wells could go home.


    A fun episode, plenty of jokes and humor. Nice Godfather joke, Jay and Caitlyn start hitting it off finally, though it does feel a bit forced.

A bit forced? Uh, no. If Jay and Caitlin were just kind of friends up to this point with zero attraction to each other and no indication either way and then all of a sudden hitting it off and sharing a kiss THAT would be forced. Both characters have had plenty of time to have a proper build up to this point (unlike Oliver and Felicity, who had NONE). Didn't feel forced to me.

    Mark Hamil: though he was playing the Trickster and the Trickster is just a knock off of the Joker, he was so channeling the JOKER in this episode. Hm....perhaps they should CGI him to look young again and have him appear on GOTHAM....? Nah, that might upset certain fans who obsess about Jerome the FAKE Joker.....

Always happy to see Mark play the Trickster. \:\)

    No new clues on ZOOM's ID.

No new clues? We haven't even gotten one clue yet. So far it's only wild speculation on who he could be, but we still haven't gotten any clues on his true identity.

All we do know is that he's from Earth-2 (or at least could be from Earth-2) and that he was human according to Harry. Plus, we know that Harry created Zoom and that's about it. There hasn't been a single scene of any hint of Zoom or someone who could be Zoom in a civilian identity, unlike Dr. Wells in season 1. Which only feeds into my theory that Zoom has no identity.

    Wells 2 agreeing to work with ZOOM..well what father doesn't want to save their kid? I can't fault him for that, plus he will likely setup a double cross anyway.


    Jay is still depowered, no mention of Velocity 6.

Good, I think when Jay finally gets his speed back, it'll be when Zoom is gone and it's the end of the season.

    Wally West at last.....


I still think Jay will get his power back and assist Barry. Or perhaps the defeat/destruction of ZOOM will restore Jay.

As to Zoom: yes there are no clues, hence why I said no new clues as any clue would be new \:\)

The suspect list for Zoom is still:

1. Hunter Zolomon
2. Earth 2 Barry
3. Earth 2 Henry
4. a split in half Jay
5 a split in half Wells 2

#4 and 5 are based on the old Trek transporter splitting Kirk

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