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    These days I am of the view that the Secrt Identity component of superhero comics has been too badly eroded, it has been allowed to be undermined by adult thinking writers and editors who miss its point and purpose as a storytelling device and mechanism to allow audience identification. Wonder Woman in particular is a character who has suffered in the last two decades in my view as she has not that human anchor of a secret identity, it is very hard to access her these days because of that and the lack of everyday human relatability...

I'm the exact opposite. Because it buys that audience identification at the cost of character development for the supporting characters.

Thea and Laurel finding out Oliver's secret was great for both characters. They were horrible the first two seasons. Iris also improved after she discovered Barry's secret.

The female characters are awful when they're not in the loop...thankfully we never had that problem with Caitlin. The female characters not being kept in the loop means their choices are constantly being made for them and they get angry at always being manipulated and lied to. There's a creepy power dynamic at play where none of these characters get to have any agency in their lives because they're always being lied to.

This extends to other shows.

Skyler White and Marie were much less awful when they found out Walter White's secret.

Almost every female character on Smallville became more tolerable when they found out about Clark.

If the female character is kept out of the loop then she's going to eventually come off as a shrew we all hate because she's constantly complaining about being lied to. Skyler White, Carmella Soprano, Lana Lang etc.

Granted you have the opposite problem with the male characters. They're fine in the's when you put them in the loop that they become whiny and co-dependent: Pete Ross, Foggy Nelson, Riley Finn etc