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    The writers have stated this is Reverse Flash from before he absorbed Wells which means this is RF from before he tried to go back to kill Barry and kills his mother instead.

*Sigh* Just did my research and your right, he is the Reverse Flash that got erased from existence. The writers better have a good explanation for this because this SHOULD NOT be possible!

And this also screws him his origin because Barry Allen was supposed to snap his neck, not Eddie killing himself to save Barry and causing Reverse Flash to be erased from existence.

Also, why call him Dr. Stien? Could have swore I heard Dr. Stien. I even re-winded it to listen to it twice.

    Which means that the writers better have one HELL of an explanation for this. Eddie Thawne was the direct linear ancestor of RF and by killing himself he ERASED RF from existence and caused the singularity/time storm.

Exactly. If this IS the Reverse Flash before he kills Wells, then Dr. Wells SHOULD still exist and showrunners are basically trying to force us to play dumb. I HATE it when they do that!

    By all rights there should be NO REVERSE FLASH.

Agreed. Like you said, the showrunners better have a perfect explanation for this because if they do not, they are trying to force us (the audience) to play dumb.

Either way this goes, this should NEVER have been done.

    However there is the other theory about time travel and temporal mechanics that some things MUST EXIST and CANNOT NOT EXIST. Therefore TIME itself may have somehow compensated and kept RF in existence.

Sorry, but he's a Paradox and should NOT exist. Period.

If this is true, then Reverse Flash wouldn't have been erased from existence when Eddie killed himself.

    This is where RIP HUNTER really needs to step in and explain things.....unless a certain person in a blue police box happens to arrive first.....

Bring on Rip Hunter! The writers are digging themselves a hole they cannot possibly fix.

    1, Once again the powerless JAY story arc is getting a bit thin. They have the speed formula, Velocity 6. ALSO they could try to recharge Jay like they did with Barry in Season 1 when he was siphoned.

Yeah, but instead Jay just gives up too easily. I say let him be normal and die from his disease because so far he hasn't proven worthy to even have his speed.

    2. Given the sheer power and threat of ZOOM, Flash does need help in this fight. Even if he does speed up to new levels, he still may need help. It may take the combined power Barry, Jay and the Reverse Flash.

Perhaps. I'd prefer Barry beat Zoom by himself, but I think this is definitely where the writers will be going at seasons finale.

    3. Wells2 is clearly going to study Turtle's powers to use against Zoom. However given how fast ZOOM is, it may not be enough. Barry can trump Turtle's power so unless Wells can augment it, it will not work on ZOOM

Oh, it'll work on Zoom because it took everything Barry had to trump Turtle's powers. But yeah, I agree. Harry needs to enhance the effect.

If they said Stein then maybe it is a REAL ALTERNATE timeline and Professor Stein is now Reverse Flash ( I kid, same actor, should be THAWNE).

I almost think that Patty figured out that the Flash was Barry, and that's why she dumped him because she couldn't handle it. Thought her appearances, Spivot has shown intelligence and good instincts. After she had some time to recover from her latest kidnapping ordeal she put the pieces together and left.

The rest, I leave to you guys to have your fun....

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