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Subj: Re: The Barry Allen self doubting trope
Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 at 08:45:45 am EDT (Viewed 445 times)
Reply Subj: The Barry Allen self doubting trope
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okay for too many episodes in Season 2 and even Season 1, Barry has been told that he is limiting himself, that his doubt is crippling him, that he has to believe, etc etc.

And he overcomes the doubt for the episode then goes right back to it again.


This is a guy who as a kid learned that the impossible exists, he believes in the impossible and now he himself IS part of the impossible as it should be impossible for someone to move at superhuman speeds, much less hit time/dimension warp speeds.

He should by now also remember that he was the key and the hope for RF to get home because of his superior links to the speed force, and he did have to help RF hit time warp speeds in Season 2.

He also regenerated from a fractured spine in a matter of weeks which is of course impossible.

Now I know every hero/villain needs a weakness but this constant recycling of the self doubt trope needs to go. It is overused and worn out.

Plus with all of Cisco's pop culture remarks I am surprised he hasn't seemed to have quoted Morpheus from the MATRIX: "FREE YOUR MIND!"

And that is what Barry needs to do.

He has decided to take the right path as it were by NOT using Velocity 9, but he really has to get over his doubt.

Notation: if they want to see how V9 would react with Barry, then take some blood from him and add a few drops of V9 to it and see what happens. Of course seeing trajectory disintegrate has probably demotivated them from trying that.

The self-doubt is all a part of the requirement for drama od the series, Barry's 'journey' as it were. The format for The Flash is not much different to that of Smallville, the series charted the mopish Clark Kent as he comes into great power and has to adjust to both that and the moral and personal responsibilities that such power then requires. Clark's journey naturally reaches its conclusion several seasons later as he puts his ghosts to rest and accepts his destiny as Superman - stamping his and the series' Terminus by incredibly shoving Apokolips away from Earth and thereby his past baggage.
For exactly the same reasons Barry cannot overcome his self-doubts as it would mean the arc of the entire series has reached its conclusion - The Flash would realise to be truly free he has to break free from the crutch of Team-Flash and stand on his own, to do that he needs to accept that he is the only strength he needs. Harrison Wells-2 said it himself that a good deal of the problem with Barry is that Wells/Thawne's interference has ensured that by damaging Barry at such an early age the scars will travel with him throughout his life, and are what is restricting him mentally and spritually from recognising his full potential as The Flash. After inflicting that childhood trauma It was then Thawne who created Barry as The Flash, taught Barry, subtly reinforcing the subconcious idea that he would never be good enough and that inherantly he would never match the power, aura, and seniority of the man in yellow.

Like a loop it is quite likely that Barry will never fully arrive as the Flash until this series reaches its end. Where we may well see him timetravel back and make final peace with his mothers death and accept that he is bigger than that sad event and bigger than Thawne's ghost.
As I said early on in this series much of its bare framework concerning Barry and his self-doubt appears to be mimicing the spirit of Mark Waid's 'Return of Barry Allen' storyline, which in itself, like Smallville, is a story about growing up and becoming ones true self. An adult. And so too is this the Story of CW'S The Flash.

We are on a journey. So let us sit back and enjoy the scenery, as the destination is, thankfully, quite some way off yet!

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